Ray Levasseur Reports from the federal prison in Atlanta, GA.

"No One Can Help You In Here" 
Ray Luc Levasseur -  from a letter dated 10/27/99

[ed note: I had sent Ray a letter, some news articles, some post cards, and 10 envelopes- the latter being almost impossible to get in the SHU. I received the following in reply. It has been slightly edited. Explanatory text on my part will be indicated by [ ]. ]


Appreciate yrs of 11 Oct w/ enclosures- for some reason they didnít let the envelopes slide. I got the post cards OK and will gradually use- I like that special touch at hand for special moments. [ed note: the postcards are very weird]   So far, Iím managing to tread water on the envelopes.  As long as I can get the chaplain to give me a weekly dose of Hallmark reject cards, I have a fallback. I still havenít gotten back in touch with a number of people since leaving ADX. 

 The recent 12/16 mailing looks good. ["Nice Fella" Ė Ray was simply writing a letter & didnít know we would publish his comments ] In retrospect I wish I had been more detailed and hard- hitting re: Atlanta SHU for "Nice Fella". I want to get down with an article on it this weekend, tho some of the SHU issues I donít want to get into w/o more info. Ö..

 Let me briefly update you on things here. Shortly after writing you last [sent out to the Email list as "It Took 2 Seconds"] a third prisoner got put on the floor of this cell. Almost 2 weeks now with barely room to move. 90% of these cells are now tripled up with men on the floor. We just went 32 hours with no water. No drinking, no flushing. The plumbing is ancient. Rank. Remember, weíre in these cells all the time except for whatís supposed to be a daily 2.5 hrs of rec time in cages- which has been averaging 1- 2 hr period per week. 

Itís bad.  The large majority of the problems here spin off the overcrowding. And itís illegal. 

Earlier today, I had my third interview with "nice fella", the wardens hatchet man. And he was pissed.  He tells me "you didnít listen to me" and got outside people "in my business". Reread the riot act. He said "no one can help you in here." And he was as serious as a heart attack. Then he made it real clear that because outside people are expressing  their concern about me,  I can stay in Seg "6 months" before heíll consider letting me into gen.pop. 

Iíve really got to be alert & cautious  that I donít get set up with a disciplinary report or confrontation.  I explained to [x] we must have lawyers [all acting pro bono] increase the effort. . Continue pressing.  Now is not the time to let things go. The administration has got to understand there are real people and resources in my corner Ė that they are capable and wont go away until the grievance is redressed. I suggested that the next round tie in the issue of extreme overcrowding thatís obviously illegal. 
Very important I donít get left hanging at this timeÖ..

I received "The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich" and intend to read/ study it if my eyeballs donít fall out of my head. The print is small & the lighting atrocious- plus the hacks control the switch from outside the cell. Bro- the situation is another dark chapter in the theatre of the absurd. It borders on insanity. Itís a struggle to get anything done.   


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