Letters From Exile
Ray Luc Levasseur

 Dear Betty:  Letter to long time human rights activist Betty Liveright regarding conditions at the U.S Penitentiary , Marion, Illinois
The Fire Inside: a look inside a prison that violates virtually all of the United Nations standards on the treatment of prisoners
Armed And Dangerous: How prisoners slave labor benefits the Pentagons war machinery, and why we must resist. 
Trouble Coming Every Day:  ADX, The First Year - An insiders view of ADX, dubbed the Alcatraz of the Rockies , spewing out its own legacy of human abuse and wasted tax dollars. A techno-fascist nightmare. 
Death Chambers:  Fresh from Viet Nam, Ray became a anti war organizer. This got him set up, & he found himself defying Jim Crow in a Tennessee prison. Therein lies many a tale....
Trouble In Mind:  After four years locked down in the sensory deprivation techno fascist wet dream of Florence ADX, Ray sums up America in 1998....
It took me two seconds to decide  …. "Things here remain about the same: chaotic, unpredictable, abusive ……. 
No one can help you in here  … from a letter dated 10/27/99 …. 
The REEF …...  "I’ve been in prison for political offenses ….. 

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