Letters From Exile
Ray Luc Levasseur

My Blood Is Quebecois:  Presented at an event organized by the Franco-American Center, University of Maine, , to discuss the intersection of class and ethnic identity.
Comrade George:  Tribute to one of the most courageous and articulate revolutionaries this country has ever produced.
Malcolm: Tribute to one of the greatest leaders in the 500 year old Black Liberation struggle.
Family Values:  This piece was written to a close friend pregnant with her first child. She asked about the difficulties raising children when the FBI is out to destroy you. Its a story about life. 
Honor the Resistance:  While visiting the South African prison of Robben Island, President Clinton stated that "...those who resisted aparthied should be honored." An honoree responds...
For Nuh Washington ..  April 2000 writing  .. 
John Brown 2000:   A DAY AFTER  his  capture John Brown was questioned by several slavery supporting politicians. His responses are instructive. ......
Photo Album of Ray's Comrades  ..  pictures and links

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