Letters From Exile
Ray Luc Levasseur

The  Empire
Pardon My Analysis:  What respect should a country get that stands by and does nothing while high ranking government killers receive presidential pardons?
The Uprising: Watts, 1965- Los Angeles, 1991- Poverty and racism lead to violent clashes throughout history. Will your city host the next uprising?
Diss'd: One look into how U.S. political prisoners are disrespected and disappeared. 
From Behind The Wire A View of the Gulf War:  There is profit and other ill-gotten gains from labor, prisons, and war. This is about who benefits & who bleeds.
Feeling the Crunch/Tales From Down Under:  American insanity from the Titicutt Follies to Waco, and point in between. From private letters. 
Political Murder:  Concerning Mumia Abu Jamal, framed by an incredibly corrupt police department, and on Death Row. 
"There's the ruling class, and there's the rest of us.":  The judge and prosecutors seethed, the spectators were enthralled, and the jury said: "Not Guilty!"- Rays closing statement at the Sedition trial...
Matanza!:  The horrific cries of "Matanza!" reverberated throughout Central America in the 1980s. In Spanish, it means bloodshed,  
Humanitarian Bombing:  Sunday, May 9, 1999. ABC correspondent Sam Donaldson interviews the Chinese ambassador to  
From The Shadows of the Mills:  (The 1989 Trial Statement of Ray Luc Levasseur) ........ My name is Ray Luc Levasseur. Luc is my grandfather's name. I grew up in a small mill town 

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