What would you do if your family suffered death, torture, or imprisonment at the hands of the U.S. Government, its totalitarian client states or its corporate masters? Ignore it? Say it's not your affair? Say they asked for it? Shrug them off as communists? Some people have families they never met, in countries they've never been to. Indeed, some people say humankind is their family, and an assault on any of them, even the most least, is an assault on kith and kin. 

Confined in U.S. prisons today are political prisoners who resisted these assaults- assaults against kin they never met, in countries they've never been to. They will remain in prison until their final breath, unless people of conscience unite to free them. Raymond Luc Levasseur is one such prisoner. These essays are his story  ....... 

Ray, Florence ADX, 1997

Release Statement #1
Release Statement #2


The Empire


Who the hell are these people!?

We are friends of Rays. We want Ray- and others like him- out on parole. Soon. We want him -and others like him- out of sensory-deprivation Supermaxes yesterday. Ray is in Supermax, and denied any chance at a serious parole hearing, because of his political convictions. Think about it: Ray was sent to Marion, then Florence, not for the nature of his actions, not because of his conduct since his capture, but solely because of his political beliefs.

We are the December 16th Committee. We are scattered all over the country, but can be reached at: 

EMAIL:  dec16th@hotmail.com
Ray Luc Levasseur, 10376-016, PO Box 150160, USP Atlanta, Atlanta, GA 30315

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