WWII US Navy Radio
Crystals for Navy VHF Equipment

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Without crystals, VHF radio could be expected to be a "can you hear me now?" experience.

AN/ARC-4 or WE 233A Crystal Holder

The 703A crystal unit for AN/ARC-4 or WE 233A contains two crystals, one to control the receiver frequency and one to control the transmitter frequency. The receiver crystal operates at about 8.4Mc and the transmitter crystal operates at about 6Mc.

Three Different CR-1A/AR Crystal Types

Three types of CR-1A/AR crystals that will fit the RT-18/ARC-1 are pictured above.  The type in the middle, made by Western Electric, has the plates deposited directly on the quartz crystal and cannot be adjusted in frequency.  The other types can be raised in frequency by removing the crystal and either etching or grinding them.
A 7460kc crystal puts the ARC-1 on 144.000Mc.

RCK Crystal CRV-40125C

TDQ Transmitter Crystal. Operating frequency is 9 times crystal frequency

MBF crystals, transmitter and receiver

Pictured above are crystals for receive(L) and transmit(R) on 72.5Mc.