WWII US Navy Radio
HF Receivers

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These receivers came out in the mid-30s and many of them were still in use during the war. 
Let's start by looking at this page from USS PAMPANITO site:
Jack Morris, RMC USN, Ret. (amateur W2EUA) commented that on his ship, the RAK/RAL was the preferred receiver for copying Fox broadcasts, and they used to monitor LF/MF and HF simultaneously to deal with fading.  The RAK/RAL control unit allows headphones to be switched from one to the other or both.


The RBB and RBC were very commonly used aboard ships.  They were made to be very rugged and stable to work reliably under the severe conditions of shock found on fighting ships.
Weighing in at 82 pounds each, without the power supply, the RBB and RBC are superhets with an IF of 400kc.  The RBB covers 500 to 4000kc and the RBC covers 4 to 27Mc. 
MASSACHUSETTS was the first ship outfitted with the RBB and RBC and she still carries RBB serial numbers 3 and 5, and RBC number 4.

RBB-1 Receiver CRV-46147