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"The first Navy Veterans' Organization created on, and for, the World Wide Web." 
Founder Edward C. Reese, 
NCCS, USN, Retired 
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Gregory L. Faith Plank Owner, NAVetsUSA 
Gregory L. Faith
    I was born to in a small town of Beaufort South Carolina on November 8, 1957 (days before the US Marine Corps Birthday) to a Marine Staff Sargent and Honorably Discharged - Woman Marine Corporal. 
    My childhood was spent bouncing from station to station with my two older brothers.  Finally at the young age of ten, my now salty twenty active year Marine Gunnery Sargent father was given orders to South East Asia. His responce was, "Time to retire!" 

    Off we went to Tennessee........High School a blur.....Work.....A 
    drag.....Get out of this house and see the world son, My father yelled! 
    Looking at the bills I'd created......So at Eighteen, A bonafied high 
    school graduate of (1976) Danile Boone High of Gray Tenn, I decided to take my fathers advice...Walked into the US NAVY recuiters office (the old boy was pissed that I selected the NAVY) and said, "make a man out of me sir!" A couple weeks later my AFATBE test scores would arrive in the mail.  "Come in and  pick your field son", said the MM1 recuiter. "You can do any one of the 134 occupations the US Navy has to offer, except one field, aviation, boy your as blind as a bat.  No flying jets for you." 

    I gladly selected Fire Control Technician Missiles.  Having taken Marine 
    ROTC in high school ( you know why right) gave me instant SEAMAN out of Orlando Fla. Boot Camp Summer 1976.  Off to BEE school and the 
    world.......Well maybe after two solid years of electronics courses and the famous Friday blitz tests......Then finaly time to fill out my dream 
    sheet...East coast...East coast.. AN/SPS 55B Weapons Direction Radar and Terrier Missile System....I ended up getting AN/SPS-48A Radar 29 week 
    school in Mare Island CA.  I arrived for school on Jan 1,1978. Cold rainy 
    Mare Island.  Happy New Year! After having what I would call the time of my young life, I somhow graduated 8 of 16 in my class.  Now, where to next???? 

    What ship do I want to serve on...Hum, Nuclear??? Oil fired??? Ok unreps!!! Rope pulling NAAAA   .....Nuclear.. All we would ever unrep for is food, parts and mail.  

    Haze Gray and always underway.  "See the world son",  echoed in my head. Nuclear it is...Truxtun CGN-35..been around for twenty some years. Might be a great place to live... 

    Reported for duty on Aug 29, 1978..I was alomost killed after being onboard for only two hours.  It seemed that a landing light fixture weighting in at around 150 Lbs. was not properly secured and I was assigned to move some boxes from the flight deck into the hanger bay when...Whhooosshh it grazed me on the backside.  BANG it hit the deck.  No one even asked if I was OK. I saw the light. After being  settled down by the ship chaplain I began my four year tour of the Mighty Tommy T. 

    I will not bother telling the rest... I'm certain your pretty bored by now... 

    I left the NAVY with good feelings and sometimes I really do miss the 
    evenings sitting on the anchor windless watching the sun go down.  Then there were the times I don't remember, by choice.  If I ever had to do it again, I would jump at the chance.   

    I'm sorry the Truxtun CGN-35 is no longer sailing the seven seas. 

    I just know her name will be given to another... Maybe not in my lifetime, but my sons of grandson... 

    Farewell, sail by a star and continue on this tack until sun up....Good bye Tommy T.   

    Gregory L. Faith 

    Personal Home Page: Faith Family Web Pages 

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