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Why We Love Genjo Sanzo

Genjyo Sanzo
Sanzo is a brutal, worldly priest who drinks, smokes, gambles and carries a banishing gun (shoureiju). Besides a temper and general "holier than thou" attitude, Sanzo has integrity, wisdom and insight. He is searching fo the Seitan (heaven) scripture of his master Koummyo Sanzo Houshi who was killed by demons. Sanzo is haughty and has little to no sense of humor. Favorite phrases, Shin-ne (Die!), I'll Kill you and Urasai (Shut Up).
Name: Genjyo Sanzo
Occupation: Buddhist Monk
Childhood Name: Kouuryu (River Orphan, after Yangtze River)
Past Life: Konzen Douji (Golden Ciccaida Child)
Birthdate: November 29
Age: 23
Blood Type:
Eye Colour: Purple
Height: 177 CM (approx. 5'10)
Weapons: Maten Kyomon (Hell Sutra), banishing gun, harisen (fan for idiots)  
Personality: Sanzo has a problem with rain and gets downright nasty when it rains, unable to leave his past behind and dwelling in past hurts and wounds like the death of his master and teacher, Koumyo Sanzo. Sanzo can be selfish and moody and very demanding but some of it is angst and the rest is an inner torment. He has a command for scriptures, is a bad teacher but he does impart his wisdom indirectly. Sanzo rarely smiles and has a nasty temper and when moody stay away from him. He is very good at reading people's feelings but tries to keep his own hidden, which he does badly, especially on rainy days. He wears a crismon chakra on his head as a symbol of bing close to the gods. He reluctantly came to the calling but because of his respect for his master, this unseeming monk was given a holy name, to follow in his masters footsteps so that one day he can be worthy of the name "Sanzo."
Sanzo believes in only himself and trys not get attached, due to the past hurt with loosing his master, the one person that he cared dealy about. The phrase imparted by his master is:
If you meet the Buddha. Kill the Buddha.
If you meet your father. Kill your father
Free of Everything. You are bound by Nothing
Live the life that is given to you.

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