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gridscan 0.2 main characters


(Obstacle Character)
Affiliations: TRIUMVIRATE
Telepath/Channeler/Teleport. Level 28. Minion of Gailen and a “plant” into the Psi Ko group. Lover of Kira. Originally was Raven’s drug dealer in the Echelons but was captured by the Elite and took psi conditioning to become an assassin. He is the only person who can “damp” Raven and stop him if he short circuits.



(Minor Character)
Affiliations: PSIKO
Channeller/Empath. Level 28. His short circuit, heralds Ravens short circuit. He is the second person to receive full conditioning. Unfortunately his introverted personality makes his a little schitzo when he uses his power. His Psi Partner is Wraith. In order to survive the psi conditioning he gave Wraith his construct to hold


(Minor Character)
Affiliations: PSI CORP
Channeler/Telekinetic/Astral. Level 28. Blue is the Psi Partner to Feyd and they can read each others thoughts. Blue can channel people around him and pull life energy from the environment to boost the psychic power of others who “tap” him. He can also project this energy into a stream or pulse to temporarily paralyze his victim.


(Main Character)
Affiliations: PSIKO
Psychic Blast. Brother to Jehnen. Level 26. Kidnapped by Zone Police as a child off the streets of Haven 15. Parents sold Raven and Jehnen to the Psi Ko for higher citizenship status in The City. Raven is the third Psi Co given full conditioning. He is a Level 26 Psi Ko who is he short circuits becomes level 29 and could destroy all of humanity. Raven is Psi Partner to Kira. His contruct gets stolen and this causes his instability. He has to take on Packrat conditioning to stay alive.



(Main Character)
Affiliations: defected PSIKO/PACKRAT
Telepath/Teleport/Psychic Blast/Psi Jack. Level 29.  Defects and becomes the Packrat Leader. Was kidnapped by the Zone Police as a teenager and has a twin brother Ryuho. Feyd was the first to get full Psi Ko conditioning and they did a lot of experiments on him. This changed his personality and he became a bit of a sociopath.

Feyd is the strongest Psi Ko, Level 29 and due to experimentation, they messed up his DNA/genes and he must do a DNA diagnostic and take drugs every 12 hours to keep his body from imploding due to his psychic power. Feyd’s main attach is a Psychic Blast that will take down his target and anything within a 1 mile radius of the pulse. He teleports into a scene and usually assaults the person. Feyd hates Gailen from the core of his soul because he thought Gailen killed his brother.




(Change Character)

Affiliations: PACKRAT Saicho 

Psychic Blast/Channeller. Level 28. Leader of the Packrats. Was a Psi Ko kidnapped with his brother Feyd. later, gives up leadership of the Packrats to locate his lost twin brother Feyd. Setup by Gailen, it is Feyd who ends up killing Ryuho, not knowing who he is since Feyd thought he had been killed 10 years ago. Mate pair to Seraph, originally of the Terror Hack. Is the one who sets the stages for the Terror Hack-Packrat-Sense Net alignment to take down the Elite.



More to follow. check back later 

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