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the world of gridscan 0.2
(c) 2005 natsukoarts. ISBN: 0-9765289-090000

All characters, likenesses, logos, titles and respective items property of natsukoarts 


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Political Structure
  • The Elite – The Elite is the overarching body, otherwise “the government” that runs the city and the entire class and corporate system.
  • The Triumvirate – The Elite core body that consists of 3 people. The Triumvirate members are Zeto, Zoon and ZenZen and represent the leaders of The Elite Military Police, The Psi Faction and The Syndicate.
  • The Syndicate – The Elite Syndicate is the ruling corporate organization part of The Corporation, that acts like a political corporate governing board of stakeholders. Their interests are usually aligned with The Elite, however the Syndicate and The Corporation some times will go against the government in the interest of their corporate bottom line.
  • The Elite Military Police -- The Military Police runs the Zone Police, and the Psi Corp is technically a regimen of the Zone Police that consists of the Psi Faction, the Controlling Chambers and the Elite Compound.
  • Psi Corp– The Elite Psi Corp and the Psi Faction where the Psi Ko live.
  • The Terror Hack – The Terror Hack is made up of hackers and unaffiliated Packrats and works in the Echelons and the Zone to smuggle tech, code, drugs and other items, including food, currency, and water to the people in the lower areas. The Terror Hack is political and its main mission is to free society, thwart The Syndicate and take down The Corporation and the Elite.
  •  The Packrats – The Packrats are smugglers and psychic Hackers (see below)

The Elite (Characters)

  • Wraith(Obstacle Character) Telepath/Channeler/Teleport. Level 28. Minion of Gailen and a “plant” into the Psi Ko group. Lover of Kira. Originally was Raven’s drug dealer in the Echelons but was captured by the Elite and took psi conditioning to become an assassin. He is the only person who can “damp” Raven and stop him if he short circuits.
  • ZenZen – (Minor Character) Leader of The Syndicate that runs The Corporation.
  • Zeto – (Minor Character) Leader of the Elite Military Police and member of the Triumvirate. Is the official leader of the Psi Corp. Psi Corp day to day business is managed by Zeto's underling, Gailen. 
  • Zoon – (Minor Character) Leader of the Elite Psi Faction and  hates Zeto. Member of the Triumvirate 


Economic Districts, Caste & Class System
  • The City – The City is where the citizens live and is a well-off suburban metropolis. Mass transportation, high rises, culture, schools and corporations. The City is considered the realm of the upper class and you must be born into The City or have a corporate affiliation to reside there.
  • Gateway – Gateway is the Zone Cross between the Echelons and the City. Citizens can cross-down to the Echelons. This is like a border crossing. Non-citizens are not allowed in the City. There is a rising black market contingent that doctors fake Cit Cards.
  • The Echelons – This is the Urban areas below The City and below the Gateway, this is “where the other half live.” The Echelons are like a slum or “Section 8” housing (ex. The Projects in New York City) where there is mass unemployment, food and money are scare and there is a lot of crime. People in the Echelons, as a social class can normally not become citizens unless there are extenuating circumstances, familial City connections, or the person works for The Corporation, or one of its affiliates, and must pay exorbitant amounts to get citizenship status, and access to The City.
  • Haven 15 – This is the Central Economic district in The Echelons where the majority of The Echelon black market business occurs. Haven 15 also includes “The Club District” and the Red Light district. The Terror Hack also reside here.
  • The Zone – This is the Slums or the Lower level of society. This is not where you want to live. City dwellers and the Elite, call people who live in the Zone, “Zone Waste” and from a citizen standpoint, “Zone Denizens” are called blank.
  • The Underground – The Underground is the Packrats dwelling place, the city within the city. The Underground can be considered a system of tunnels, subway terminals, hovels and sewer systems that run underneath the Zone, City and the Echelons.
  • The Sprawl -- The central core of the Packrat locale and includes the Packrat headquarters, residence areas and the Hall where all Packrat ceremonies occur.


The Packrats
The Packrats are a renegade band of Psi-Induced (psychic) children originally created by the Psi Corp to be an army of enhanced humans. With the Psi Corp, these children, called “Psi-Ko” or psychic children (psi-kodomo) are given DNA nanotechnology conditioning to alter their genes as well as psychic conditioning. The third level of conditioning which creates the “Packrat Condition” can not be reversed, and is when their DNA is matched to s particular psychic skill.

Some of the children are irreparably damaged after the third level of conditioning and are left for dead and discarded on the street of Have 15, or the slums. Since the conditioning makes them dependent on nanotech, and others on psychic inducer drugs, these discarded psy-ko’s have no where to turn but to the Packrats.

This renegade group takes them in and works in the lower districts of the slums, Have 15, the Echelons and the Zone to free the populace, smuggle food, drugs and tech (technology) and are embattled with the Psi Corp and the Elite to free society through revolution.

Main Character Summaries

Psi Ko

  • Feyd (Main Character) Telepath/Teleport/Psychic Blast/Psi Jack. Level 29.  Defects and becomes the Packrat Leader. Was kidnapped by the Zone Police as a teenager and has a twin brother Ryuho. Feyd was the first to get full Psi Ko conditioning and they did a lot of experiments on him. This changed his personality and he became a bit of a sociopath. Feyd is the strongest Psi Ko, Level 29 and due to experimentation, they messed up his DNA. He must run a DNA diagnostic every 12 hours to keep his body from rejecting his psychic power. Feyd’s main attack is a Psychic Blast Feyd hates Gailen because Gailen killed his brother.
  • Blue – (Minor Character) Channeler/Telekinetic/Astral. Level 28. Blue is the Psi Partner to Feyd and they can read each others thoughts. Blue can channel people around him and pull life energy from the environment to boost the psychic power of others who “tap” him. He can also project this energy into a stream or pulse to temporarily paralyze his victim.

The Packrats

  • Shine – (Minor Character) Packrat Tele (teleporter) and mate pair to Dark. Challenges Feyd and eventually gets banished from the Sprawl. Acting interim leader when Ryuho abandons the Packrat lead position to find his brother.
  • Ansa – (Minor Character) Packrat Psion and mate pair to Mips. Minion of Feyd when he becomes the leader of the Packrats later in the story 
  • Ryuho(Main Character) Psychic Blast/Channeller. Level 28. Was a Psi Ko kidnapped with his brother Feyd, then escapes. Gives up leadership of the Packrats to locate his lost twin brother Feyd. Setup by Gailen, it is Feyd who ends up killing Ryuho, not knowing who he is since Feyd thought he had been killed 10 years ago. Mate pair to Seraph, originally of the Terror Hack. Is the one who sets the stages for the Terror Hack-Packrat-Sense Net alignment to take down the Elite.


The Terror Hack

  • Seraph(Supporting Character) Former member of the Terror Hack becomes “mate pair” to Ryuho and joins the Packrats. Was banished from the City due to his political views. Used to be part of The Corporation until his political views came into conflict with their strategic goals. In a strategic decision abandons the Terror Hack and becomes mate pair to Ryuho the leader of the Packrats to enable a Terror Hack-Packrat alignment. Son of ZenZen.

gridscan 0.2 (c) natsukoarts: 1984, 1987, 2004, 2005. All logos, likenesses and related environments, title, characters, social structures, logos and terminology are owned by natsukoarts.

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