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Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator Tricks

B&W Photo > Becomes Anime Image
Example of using Photoshop layers, hue/saturation,
duotone, brightness/contrast and then levels, stamp tool, fills
and masks to create and change colour photograph into
an anime-style image. Image is purposely underexposed to
make it easier to work with pinpointing "dark tones" and then
lightening the entire image prior to adding colour
becoming sanzo

Using 3-Point LIghting to Contrast Bkground
Example uses 3-point lighting and extra foreground
lighting to bump-up the focus on the character,
and then mute the background.

Colour photo is then pulled into Pshop, and converted
to Greyscale, then Duotone using Pantene 107 CVC
(a yellow) and Pantene 2716 CVC (a blue),
in order to further mute-down the background and
bring up the front lights.

3-point lighting

CG: Using Channels, Layers & Masks/Modes
Example of using levels and masks on a colour photo,
then using Desaturate, and Channels to break-out high
and low tones.
  1. This is a colour photo with background which used
    3-point lighting and yellow gels to punch up the
    foreground prior to any Photoshop manipulation
  2. Photo then imported into Photoshop and cropped down.
  3. Channels and layers are used to split out high and
    low tones. 
  4. Once broken out, adjust levels to  bring down
    the background (this picture was taken with a
    background has ot be masked out).
  5. Convert to Duo-tone, use the selection tool with
    the mask to remove and wierd hi-end tones.
  6. Use a transition layer to initially set BG colour
    to desired and adjust levels to ensure foreground
    stays "forward."
    Adjust brightness/contrast on the foreground,
    then convert to RCG and then to B&W.
  7. Set BG colour to desired and bump-up hue as needed.
    Add watermark w/ Gaussian Blur monotone filter.


Lites, Crops & Character Placement
This image uses cropping and character, camera
placement to add interest to the image.
Photoshop was used on a B&W photo.
Using Layers to convert B&W to Colour only to
make minor level adjustments and to check colour settings.
Lights were placed to the left, directly above in front,
directly under the camera and to the right below
the camera angle to add contrast and punch up the
character while dulling the background.



More to follow, check back later

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