Yuu*Yuu*Hakushou Fanfics
Updated 26th September 2004


Armageddon: World's End

Wherein the Makai destroys the Ningenkai, and only a handful of fighters remain.... Finished.


Kurama 1/2

Wherein several of the YYH characters have a small accident at a training area in central China. Ongoing.


Shadows and Lies

cowritten with Sionna Klassen

Wherein our favorite four Reikai Tantei end up on one of the parallel planes, with no idea of how they got there or why, and discover they are in a fight for their lives... not to mention their souls. Finished.


Sionna has written the second sequel (we're still working on the first --;;) to Shadows and Lies. It crosses with Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. To read her wonderful story, go to Red Rain, archived at her site.

Also, here's a filk of *N Sync's song "This I Promise You" that I did for Shadows and Lies.


Shuuichi's Secret

cowritten with Sionna Klassen and Sandra Jacobs

A "Shiori finds out" story. Ongoing.


Tales From A Ramen Stall

A multiverse crossover. Several stories. PG-13. Added 26th September 2004.