Miscellaneous Stories
Updated 5th February 2008


Cosplay - The story of our group's cosplay skit at AX'98!


Decadence - AKA, what happens when you dump an American in Cambridge. For more BAIT fics, go to the page of Fuu-chan, who originated the style!


The Haiku Page - My attempts at anime and manga haiku.


The Peach Key - The Key I won several years ago playing the Key game.


Boy Bands


Chouja Raideen


Hikaru no Go / Spirited Away


Hikaru no Go - A boy, a ghost, and a board game.


Kamen Rider Kuuga / Kamen Rider Agito


Karakuri-Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon


Lord of the Rings




Ouran High School Host Club


Princess Tutu


Ranma 1/2


Rasen no Kakera




Tokumu Sentai Shinesman


Yami no Matsuei - "In 1926, Asato Tsuzuki passed away. In 2003, he's about to meet his new partner."


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