Reality Storm: Chapter 2
by K.Huntsman
released 16th April 2000


Seiji was not impressed by the gun so coldly leveled at them. It would be a fairly easy thing (though the stranger did not know that) for any of them to dodge a bullet.

What did impress him was the competence and ease with which the young man held the weapon.

"Who might you be, and what are you doing on Nasuti's land?" Touma drawled from behind Seiji. "And would we be wrong to assume that these belong to you?" His tone, though Seiji was not at an angle to see Touma's presumably accompanying gesture, clearly indicated the robots.

"Hey, hey, Heero, put the gun down!" the one with long braided hair chided, addressing the boy who held the weapon. "They're not with OZ, y'know?"

"I don't know that," the other replied flatly. His eyes were just as hard as his tone.

"What's OZ?" Ryou asked.

"The Wizard of Oz?" Shuu hazarded in reply.

"Somehow I don't think that's what they're talking about," said Shin.

The braided one was blinking at them. "You don't know who OZ is? You guys been living in some kind of hole or something?"

"Wait..." said the blond one, seeming to snap out of a fugue. "If the base is gone... maybe something in that explosion?"

"We don't know what they were experimenting on," agreed another, his long bangs obscuring one cool eye.

Seiji shrugged off a feeling of deja vu.

The braided boy, dressed all in black, blinked, then spoke again. "Then... where are we?"

"The Yagiyu residence in Odawara," Ryou said. "Kanagawa Prefecture," he added seemingly as an afterthought.

The Chinese boy inquired, very softly, "When are we?"

Seiji blinked, something falling into place.

"What is the date?" the young man repeated.

"June fourth, 1989," Seiji answered, understanding perfectly now what his intuition had told him about these others not belonging here. They didn't.


Quatre watched as Duo blanched. "That's IMPOSSIBLE! How the HELL could--"

"Shut up, Duo," Heero said, lowering his gun.

"But HOW--"

"Shut up, Duo." Heero's voice was soft and dangerous.

Duo opened his mouth to protest some more, but the look Heero gave him promised violence and he wisely (so Quatre thought) shut it again.

"That's almost five hundred years," Trowa murmured thoughtfully.

Heero frowned. "Why was OZ was working on a time-shift experiment?" he asked.

"Who knows why they do anything?" Duo asked a bit shakily. "But... are we stuck here? We can't be stuck here! We have a war to fight! If we're not there, then OZ...."

"OZ will control the colonies," Wufei said, his black eyes narrowed.

"Touma, did I just hear what I think I did?" the auburn-haired young man in the group of strangers asked the blue-haired one.

"You hail from the future?" the one called Touma asked.

There was a second's silence, then Trowa replied, "It appears so."

The five others exchanged glances with one another. Quatre almost thought he could hear whispered voices between them, but that must have been all in his mind; their lips didn't move. Then, almost as one, they shrugged. "Stranger things have happened," said the blond.

"Another day, another sob story," the stout Chinese boy chimed in agreement.


Duo blinked as Heero turned and walked back to Wing. "Hey, Heero, whatcha up to?"

"Seeing if I have any data on how we got here," the other pilot replied, vanishing into his Gundam's cockpit. Which left Duo and the three other pilots alone with the five strangers native to the twentieth century.

"Sheesh, that guy has no manners!" Duo lamented, then turned back to the others, his fingers laced behind his head. "So, what do we do now?"

"Guys, we can't just leave them alone!" one of the strangers argued to his friends. "They may need help...."

"Sometimes that virtue of yours goes to excess, Ryou," the blond retorted, though with no special malice that Duo could sense. In fact, he gave the other a small, reserved smile.

"Well, since that's decided...." The black-haired boy took a step forward. "I'm Ryou Sanada from Nagano."


Not letting them know everything about us, Rekka? Touma teased Ryou.

I'm not completely stupid, Tenkuu! Ryou shot back in a similarly teasing tone. I'm not letting them know about the armors until and unless it becomes necessary.

Touma's silent reply held a smirk. In any case, I suppose we have to keep them from contaminating the present with knowledge of the future. The difficulty will be keeping Nasuti from asking them too many questions about future history. "Touma Hashiba," he introduced himself, "from Osaka."

Seiji was next. "Seiji Date of Sendai," he replied with a semi-formal bow. Five teenagers with giant robots and five with magic armors, he commented drily. Why does this read like a script for a bad sci-fi movie?

Ah, loosen up, Goldenrod! Shuu told him. "Shuu Rei Fan, from Yokohama."

Star Wars, Shuu? Shin asked, amused. "I'm Shin Mouri of Yamaguchi." He, like Seiji, sketched a quick bow. "Pleased to meet you."

The long-haired boy from the future raised and eyebrow, then gave a short laugh. "Well, I'm Duo Maxwell from L2. That," he said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of one of the mechas, "was our very own indestructible psycho spandex boy, Heero Yuy. And these are...."

"Quatre Raberba Winner of the L4 colonies," the blond boy said, stepping forward to shake Ryou's hand. His grasp was firm and his smile friendly. "It's good to know we're welcome here."

Ryou couldn't help smiling back at him.

"I'm called Trowa Barton," the green-eyed boy volunteered quietly. His cool gaze on Ryou was obviously a result of Ryou's contact with Quatre. Ryou raised an internal eyebrow.

"Wufei Chang," the last introduced himself, "of colony area L5."

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