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Weekly Message

Message # 665

To a Friend Who Cares for Me

So Jonathan said to David, “Whatever you yourself desire, I will do it for you.” 1 Samuel 20:4

Rare is the person who, like David, has a faithful friend like Jonathan. We often say to others, “If you need anything, let me know. Whatever you need.” We’re sincere, of course—we do want to be helpful to our friends. But words like anything and whatever are all inclusive. They may represent a level of commitment we aren’t ready to make.

But Jonathan and David made that kind of commitment because they made a covenant—the most binding form of contract in the ancient world. They exchanged promises, possessions, and protection—meaning “all of mine is yours, and all of yours is mine” (see 1 Samuel 18:1-4). Jonathan told David as much: “Whatever you yourself desire, I will do it for you.” And he kept that promise, protecting David from Saul’s murderous attempts to kill him. Sometime later, when David was king, he gave a shout-out in memory of his friend, Jonathan. He located Jonathan’s exiled son, Mephibosheth, and brought him to the royal court. An act of love for, or in memory of, a faithful friend is the ultimate shout-out.

If you have a friend who has demonstrated love and loyalty, give that person a shout-out often—in word and deed.

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. Swedish Proverb

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