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Welcome to our church website!

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You may go directly to the Family Renewal Center by clicking on link below.

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We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, and we want to let other people know how they can join in and make all our lives better.

We desire to be Jesus' Hands and Feet until He returns.

As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message (remember, a well-chosen picture is a great way to get a point across). We'll also include specific information about our church and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures

Weekly Message

Please look at the weekly message on this website.

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Desert Stream

Mission Statement

Narrow Path Ministries is a non-denominational independent Christian church that provides a place to help the hopeless, love the lonely, and revitalize the tired and emotionally wounded. We provide guidance for meeting spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs.

We help the abused, the abuser and those affected by abuse to heal...just not all in the same setting. Our related organization the Family Renewal Center works in cooperation with other organizations and agencies in setting up transitional housing for victims. Love is not supposed to hurt!

We seek to open halfway houses, helping people to start over.

We help the Least of His without regard to their religious affiliations.

We also train, license and ordain Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Doing our part as the Hands and Feet of Jesus until He returns. Jesus said Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. —Matthew 11:28

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.
 There are only two defining forces who have ever offered to die for you.  One is Jesus Christ and the other the American Soldier.  One died for your sins and the other for your freedom!

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