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C H Mathews Store, Cherryfield 546-2601

H.C. Rolfe & Sons Milbridge 546-2322

Cherryfield Foods Inc. Cherryfield 546-7573

DEF/LAF LLC, Harrington 483-4774

College Avenue Dental, Orono 866-5591

Orcutt Farm Wild Blueberries, Steuben 546-7205 jakval@people.pc

Bud’s Power Equipment, Harrington 483-2874

Jasper Wyman & Sons, Milbridge 546-8937

Weaver Construction, Harrington 483-4698

Omlor Electric, Cherryfield 546-7837

Fraser Fuels, Harrington 483-4774

Sunrise LP Gas, Harrington 483-4507

Mark Wright Construction/Disposal, Columbia 483-4444

Morse Foundations, North Berwick 676-9490

Scovil’s Millside Dining, Harrington483-6544