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To report a problem on the trail contact: Harold Stoddard, Trailmaster 546-3807 H, 631-6050 cell
TRAIL NAME          
Kelcy Trail: Currently closed-- 5 Miles -- Picks up ITS 82 at The Narraguagus River Bridge     

ITS 81 from Down East Sunrise Trail to Route 193/Hatchery Rd intersection in Deblois 14 miles. Note: this trail has been rerouted north of schoodic lake it now goes thru the woods instead of on the blueberry barrens where it has been difficult to keep snow. ITS 81 continues to the airline lodge and diner at Mile 29 and is maintained by the Airline Riders snowmobile club 

(Down East Sunrise Trail - ITS 82) Narraguagus SC is responsible for grooming from Mile Post 47 in Jonesboro to Mile Post 2 (Washington Junction) in Hancock. (The groomer leaves Cherryfield from MP 29 1/2 when it goes out grooming)

Georgetown Trail - Currently Closed 9 miles (from DEST mile post 37 1/2 to ITS 81)  

Mathews Trail (for gas) 2 miles at MP 29 1/4 at Route 182 road crossing,
2014-15 season trail conditions

February 20th been lots of snow since last post been hard to keep up with grooming activitys.  On Wednesday (18th) Sunrise trail groomed from Washington Junction to Jonesboro Station road by Narraguahgus club. East Machias groomed same day from Jonesboro to East Machias/Berry Township line (Mile 71). 3-4 inches of new snow yesterday making for some great riding. From Mile 71 to Ayers Junction is being groomed today/tonight.   ITS 81 is being groomed this morning from Sunrise trail to Deblois.

February 4th   ITS 82 (DEST) was groomed from Cherryfield tp Jonesboro last night and from Cherryfield to Washington Junction today. ITS 81 has not been groomed since this last storm that left  us with 12-18 inches of snow with large drifts. One of the big groomers has been down for  repairs which hopefully will be fixed before days end.  There is another storm that we are going to get tonight into tomorrow with the latest forecast of 6-8 inches.

January 29  finally a chance to report on trails. with 8 inches of blowing and drifting snow on Saturday into Sunday then 15-20 inches of more blowing drifting snow things have been busy, ITS 82 was groomed from Cherryfield to Jonesboro last night and from Cherryfield to Hancock today. ITS 81 was groomed yesterday from the Sunrise trail to Deblois hatchery road and Rt 193 intersection.
The Mathews trail for gas was packed down today.