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To report a problem on the trail contact: Kelcy Yeaton, Trailmaster 460-0022
TRAIL NAME          
Kelcy Trail: -- 5 Miles -- Picks up ITS 82 at The Narraguagus River Bridge     

ITS 81 from Down East Sunrise Trail to Route 193/Hatchery Rd intersection in Deblois 14 miles. temporary reroute between mile 9 and 12 due to lack of snow in the .woods and waterholes ITS 81 continues to the airline lodge and diner at Mile 29 and is maintained by the Airline Riders snowmobile club 

(Down East Sunrise Trail - ITS 82) Narraguagus SC is responsible for grooming from Mile Post 47 in Jonesboro to Mile Post 2 (Washington Junction) in Hancock. (The groomer leaves Cherryfield from MP 29 1/2 when it goes out grooming)

2015-16 season trail conditions

January 22  No grooming yet, lack of enough snow. None of ITS 81 has been groomed.

Feb 9   5 inches of new snow, ITS 81 groomed for first time today. ITS 82 groomed for first time this weekend, thin trail surface, no other trails have been groomed

Feb 23  Trails closed until further notice (NO SNOW)