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Kelcy Trail: plans are underway to reuse this trail for the 2013-14 season stay tuned -- 5 Miles -- Picks up ITS 82 at The Narraguagus River Bridge     

ITS 81 from Down East Sunrise Trail to Route 193/Hatchery Rd intersection in Deblois 14 miles. Note: this trail has been rerouted north of schoodic lake it now goes thru the woods instead of on the blueberry barrens where it has been difficult to keep snow. ITS 81 continues to the airline lodge and diner at Mile 29 and is maintained by the Airline Riders snowmobile club

(Down East Sunrise Trail - ITS 82) Narraguagus SC is responsible for grooming from Mile Post 47 in Jonesboro to Mile Post 2 (Washington Junction) in Hancock. (The groomer leaves Cherryfield from MP 29 1/2 when it goes out grooming)

Georgetown Trail - may not be used this season  stay tuned for updates 9 miles (from DEST mile post 37 1/2 to ITS 81)  

Mathews Trail (for gas) 2 miles at MP 29 1/4 at Route 182 road crossing,
2013-14 season trail conditions

April 3, 2014   Final trail report, We had 6-8 inches of new snow Monday night but warm temps over the past few days has melted much of that and prior to that storm we had 50 plus degrees on Saturday. The trails are no longer being groomed and in many locations are not passable, for us the season is over.  The Down East Sunrise Trail is closed for mud season.  Enjoy spring and summer  if it ever gets here, see you next season.

March 27, 2014  Yesterday"s "blizzard" did very little if anything to help the snowmobile trails. Trails have not been groomed for several weeks now and there are still many bare spots and icy condtions on both ITS 81 and the Down East Sunrise Trail. Snowmobile riding for this area is about over for the season.

February 21  TRAIL ALERT!!!  The club groomer is broken down with a flat tire at Mile 32 on Sunrise Trail. It is on an open stretch with the reflective triangles in place to identify hazard. Efforts are being made to repair this  but it may be there until Monday, as it needs new tire and tire shop in Bangor is closed on Saturday's.  This happened on the return trip so the grooming was completed to Jonesboro.

Feb 20    Last night they groomed the Sunrise Trail from Cherryfield to Washington Junction. Tonight they are grooming the trail from Cherryfield to Jonesboro. There has been a great snowcover especially out in the woods away from the wind. They have also been dragging up on ITS 81 for the past few days. There are a couple of wet spots that you will need to proceed through with caution. Remember this is a new trail this year and is just starting to show some places that need attention when it gets wet. Travel with caution and be safe. Thanks guys for all the great work !!!

Feb 19th Received 5-6 inches of new snow last night making for some great riding conditions on the recently groomed trails, more snow possible tonight!!!

Feb 18th   Received 11-16 inches of new fluffy snow on Saturday night and sunday. ITS 82 (DEST) has been groomed in its entire 85 mile length by all clubs. ITS 81 to Deblois is being groomed today>  3-6 inches of new snow predicted for tonight.

Feb 14 11:30am    we received 6-7 inches of snow last night before changing over to rain around 9:00 currently still raining with a lot  of the snow melted. the trails will probably not be groomed tonight until and if all the moisture is out of the snow.  Another possible snowstorm tomorrow night should help the trails significantly. Stay tuned for any updates tonight

Feb 5th 10 pm   6-7 inches of new snow

Feb 3 Warm temps over past 2 days have only worsened trail conditions since last report. possible snow Wednesday

January 29    The couple of  inches of snow that we had received over the weekend was wiped out by rain on Monday leaving trails bare again.  Currently there is no snow in the forecast hopefully February will bring change.

January 23   received 2-3 inches of snow on sunday but not enough to ride on the trails, we did not receive any snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday either as predicted. Next possible chance now is Saturday into Sunday

January 17    Both ITS 81and ITS 82 are bare with snow in many places and icy in others. No snow for riding.
The Down East Sunrise Trail from the parking lot in Washington Junction to Machias has no snow. It is about 60% ice and 40% exposed gravel with very long stretches of exposed surface between Franklin and Steuben

January 9, 2014    ITS 81 and ITS 82 (DEST) are clear of tree debris from ice storm.  ITS 81 was groomed from cherryfield to Deblois on Sunday January 5.  Significant rain on Monday followed by freezing temperatures have made all trails icy with poor conditions for snowmobiling.  With temperatures forecast in the 40's for Saturday and Sunday and more significant rain predicted for Saturday night trail conditions will only get worse. 

January 4    ITS 81   cleared today from DEST to clubhouse trail work will continue clearing tomorrow from clubhouse there is another mile to clear before hitting a 3 mile cleared section as far as the baseline . any help would be appreciated  on trail clearing leaving clubhouse at 8:30am.  clubhouse open for breakfast and lunch

jan 3, 2014 DEST (ITS 82) groomed from cherryfield to Washington junction.

January 2, 2014   groomed from Cherryfield to Jonesboro station rd

12/29/13  DEST groomed today from Washington Junction Mile 2 to Cherryfield mile 29

12/29/13 The Sunrise trail(ITS 82) clearing from Washington Junction to Jonesboro  has been completed !!! Finally. There has been over 90 hours of work trimming and tree cutting on 45 miles of trails. Thanks goes out to all the people who helped us accomplish this !!! To all the people who stopped and said THANKS for the good trails your compliments are appreciated too !! If you get a chance to go out on the trails, please still use caution as you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us !! Safe travels and have fun sledding !!  

ITS 81 is passable but there are still many trees down in some areas with work continuing.

ITS 82 east of Jonesboro into machias is passable with work continuing to remove debris

12/27  7:20 pm DEST (ITS 82)  groomed from Cherryfield to Franklin today. trail cleared to Franklin from Cherryfield.  From Franklin to Hancock still not cleared from debris and hanging trees plan is to try to complete this tomorrow morning .  from Jonesbor to Machias is still not passable at this time. no update on the rest of the sunrise trail

12/27/13 Down East Sunrise Trail- ITS 82  still lots of trees down, trail cleared and groomed from cherryfield to Jonesboro.  passable from cherryfield to Franklin, mile 2-7 not inspected yet. from Cherryfield to hancock should be cleared by the end of today. stay tuned for update tonight,  No info from Jonesboro to Pembroke at this time.  ITS 81 from Cherryfield to Deblois is passable but still many trees down

12/20/13  DEST groomed Hancock to Jonesboro last night.  The entire length of the Sunrise trail has been groomed. ITS 81 to Deblois groomed on 12/19/13

dec18th 10:30am  light snow falling, about 7 inches new powdery snow on ground at this time.  ITS 82 was groomed from cherryfield (mile 29 1/2) to Jonesboro (mile 47) on the night of the 16th and from Cherryfield to Hancock (Mile 2) yesterday the 17th. On the 16th, ITS 81 was packed down but not groomed

12/18/13   Trails have been groomed and are looking great.A big thanks goes out to ray;harold;blake;james and david nice work guys.Looks like we are going to have more snow to play in.Thanks for the great feed back from those enjoying the trail yesterday.Will post updates as they come.Stay warm and enjoy the season.

December 16th 2013
received 10-12 inches of snow yesterday, trails are being ridden and compacted today, checking for blowdowns -no grooming