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Our main trail, "Cherryfield Trail" goes north from the clubhouse to Route 9 and is 25 miles to the Airline Diner  in Beddington where you can purchase food at the lunch counter or store as well as purchase gas. They also have lodging and a campground for RV's.  The trail north from the clubhouse travels thru woods, across roads thru blueberry barrens with views of Tunk and Lead Mountain, follows the Narrguagus River in Deblois, passes by Worcester Peat, Maine's largest commercial peat bog. (Please do not operate your ATV on these peat piles because of extreme fire danger)   This trail also goes south from the clubhouse to downtown Cherryfield, approx. 7 miles where there are several stores on the trail. C.H. Mathews where you can purchase groceries and sandwiches. , is on the trail system, here you can purchase food. For gas purchases you must cross the bridge and travel along rt 1 for 500 yards to R.W. Mathews,. The trail continues from Cherryfield to Steuben at Mathews Country Store, you can purchase gas, groceries and they also have a lunch counter.

The "Beddington Trail" is a trail that splits from the "Cherryfield Trail" in Deblois approx. 2 miles north of "Worcester Peat". At this intersection the trail will go east to Route 193 where it crosses at the Deblois/Beddington town line. The trail proceeds northerly where it will pass near Beddington Lake and will come out onto the Beddington Lake Rd and then westerly to the Church Farm Rd. and Rt 193.  Here the trail splits, you can take the Church Farm Rd. north to Route 9 where it intersects with another trail system at the Maine Forest Service on the CC road,  or you can cross Rt. 193 and follow the trail system north to the Airline Diner where you also connect to another trail system.  

The "Harrington Trail" which is approximately 10 miles intersects with the "Cherryfield Trail" at the Schoodic Road and the "Baseline Road"  about 1 1/2 miles south of Schoodic Lake.  This trail travels east along the baseline road and then southerly along the "Georgetown Rd" where it connects with another road known locally as the Guptill Road. You can follow this trail to Harrington Irving where you can purchase gas and groceries. There is a Subway located on site. Bud's Power Equipment is within sight of the Irving station. 

The "Columbia Trail" connects with the "Cherryfield Trail" at the intersection of the "Schoodic Road" and "Hatchery Road", approx. 2 miles north of Schoodic Lake and approx. 2 miles east of Route193 in Deblois.  This trail goes east on the Hatchery road where it passes a salmon hatchery and then passes a monument dedicated to Delmar Morse, a local blueberry grower, approx 1/2 mile past here trail divides  North or East                                                                                                                      North will take you across blueberry barrens thru several miles of woods before coming onto the Velvet Rd which goes north to the Maine Forest Service building located at Route 9 in Beddington.  This trail passes by Bog Brook Flowage where you can view eagles, waterfowl, and turtles.                                         East will take you over the Pleasant River towards Montegail Pond where the trail divides again and you can go east towards Machias and Whitneyville, or north towards Wesley or Grand Lake Stream.