Nancy Johnson Black

For IFO President


Getting Ahead in Challenging Times
We are all well aware that these are tough times for unions and for our membership. Many groups are pushing for cuts to public employee pay and public higher education funding. The Private College Council is proposing to shift funding away from public institutions to students at private colleges. Not only must we fight hard to maintain what we have in public institutions but to maintain continued access for students of all backgrounds. We must work harder than ever to assure fair compensation and benefits for faculty members. We need to get friends of higher education elected to the legislature, and lobby harder to protect and improve our public institutions during these difficult times.

Securing Competitive Pay
Competitive pay is essential to attracting and retaining quality
faculty members. It is in the interest of both the universities and the faculty to maintain competitive pay, and the union plays a crucial role. The InterFaculty Organization (IFO) needs to focus its time and resources on its primary mission—improving faculty welfare through better pay and working conditions so that higher education
continues to attend to the needs of its diverse and talented students.

Fighting for Equality and Fairness
Unions have always been at the forefront of the equality movement, and I believe the IFO should continue this tradition. If elected, I will seek legislative funding for pay equity among all faculty. Even in these challenging times, we should never give up our opposition to discrimination based on race, creed, color, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation.

Retaining and Building Academic Excellence at State Universities

MnSCU has blurred the mission differences between state universities and community and technical colleges. I strongly advocate improving the visibility of our mission as well as many other contributions of the state universities. Public education is a public good but also enhances our state’s economy.

Opposing Campus Closing
I oppose the legislative proposal for setting up a campus closing commission. Small rural campuses are necessary for geographical access to affordable education.

Promoting Professional Improvement
I am deeply committed to expanding professional improvement opportunities, particularly for younger faculty members through more release time and travel funds and access to outside resources.

Ethical Contract Compliance
MnSCU needs to “walk the talk” and negotiate fairly and in a timely manner. State University faculty have earned and deserve respect in contract negotiations and settlements.