Nancy Jane Moore, Writer

Published Fiction

ChangelingAqueduct PressOctober 2004

Stories Published in Anthologies
StoryAnthologyEditorPublisherIn Print?
"Dusty Wings"Polyphony 5Deborah Layne and Jay LakeWheatland Pressyes
"Hallowe'en Party"Future WashingtonErnest LilleyWashington Science Fiction Associationyes
"Nohow Permanent"Imagination Fully DilatedBob Kruger and Patrick SwensonElectric Story and Fairwood Pressyes
"Walking Contradiction"ImaginingsKeith R.A. DeCandidoPocketyes
"A Jealous God"MOTA 3: CourageKaren Joy FowlerTripleTree Publishingyes
"Borders"Treachery and TreasonLaura Anne Gilman and Jennifer HeddleRocno
"Change of Command"Sword and Sorceress VIMarion Zimmer BradleyDawno
"St. George and the Dragon (Revised)"Sword and Sorceress VIIMarion Zimmer BradleyDawno
"Man's Best Friend"Crafty Cat CrimesStefan DziemianowiczBarnes and Nobleyes
"A Harmless, Necessary Cat"Crafty Cat CrimesStefan DziemianowiczBarnes and Nobleyes

Stories Published on the Web
StoryWeb SiteDate
"Three O'Clock in the Morning"Fantastic Metropolis July 2002
"St. George and the Dragon"IdeomancerMarch 2002
"Survival Skills"Violence 2002August 2002

Stories Published in Magazines
"Passing"National Law JournalNov. 18, 1996
"Running the Road"CC Motorcycle NewsmagazineJune 1998
"Survival Skills"Aikido Today MagazineJuly/August 1998
"Three O'Clock in the Morning"Lady Churchill's Rosebud WristletJune 2001
"Blindsided by Venus in the House of Mars"Andromeda Spaceways Inflight MagazineApril 2003

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