Excellent candidate for an S2E
Potential candidate to recertify as S2A


This project is a 1974 S2A that was damaged in an accident. Wings were essentially destroyed and fuselage slightly damaged. Fuselage has been professionally repaired. Includes a new factory vertical stabilizer & new cabane from factory parts. Fuselage sandblasted, primed & painted with Dupont Imron paint. Longeron AD complied with using factory parts (Note: factory later changed AD to a simple "g" limitation). This repair is much better.

Additional Pictures shown below.

Project includes a new set of wings constructed from factory kit. Wings are essentially ready for cover. Factory preformed leading edges need to be installed. Top & bottom wings are varnished.

Tail feathers undamaged & still covered except rudder. New factory rudder included. Fabric has a couple of tares, but no damage to tail feathers.

Original Engine. Its an IO360 A1A. Crankshaft flange bent out of limits & must be replaced. Just over 200 hours SMOH. Bendix Mags, complete fuel injection system, starter, alternator & flywheel are included. No prop. Prop governor damaged - have core that can be overhauled.

Landing gear, wheels and brakes undamaged.

Project also Includes following:

- new firewall constructed from stainless steel using original flange.

- new sheet metal from rear seat forward.

- new factory split nose bowl

- new factory landing gear covers (sheet metal).

-original maule tail wheel & springs (undamaged)

-all controls for wing, fuselage ands tail feathers

-rudder trim cables & trim tab assemblies.

-factory 2-place canopy and wind screen fitted to airframe.

-most rear seat instruments (missing oil pressure/oil temp gage - have core that’s repairable).

-instrument panels for both rear and front seats (a few front seat instruments available).

-new factory stringers.

-undamaged engine mount.

-fuel tank & new S2A fuel gage.

-new factory I-Struts.

-new hoses (all but one hose needed for the entire airplane)

-factory inverted system (flop tube needs to be replaced - its old & not serviceable).

-throttle handles & associated hardware for front & rear seats.

-factory push tubes for throttles and prop governor.

-four perfect factory ailerons (not symmetrical)

-new factory lower cowling

- factory prop spinner and backing plate

-complete set of streamline flying and landing wires (for wings and tail surfaces)

Project is essentially ready for cover. Wings constructed using Christian Eagle II kit. These wings are a copy of the Pitts S2A wings except for the location of the aileron push tubes and bell cranks. Eagle Wing has them on rear spar of bottom wings - S2A has them on front spar. I have the original S2A hardware that can be used to make the wings fit the S2A.

Repair and construction work on this project is professionally done.

Aircraft can easily be made into an S2E. The previous owner had the airplane derigistered. To keep the airplane certified as an S2A will require a conformity inspection after the airplane is completed. It will also require an IA sign off all the repair work and complete the required 337"s. I am an A&P but not an IA. The use of the Christen Eagle wings may present a problem for recertifying the aircraft. However, an individual in Texas has a beautiful set of factory S2A wings that have been covered and painted in the Marion Cole paint scheme. They are super. He has offered to take the above wings in trade (plus cash). He has all the history and paper work to allow them to be used on this project and to qualify for an S2A. This may be the easiest way to go to keep the airplane certified. Also, it will greatly reduce the work needed to complete the airplane. I have a bill of sale signed by the previous owner. I also have the other paper work that will be needed to complete the airplane as an S2A, including the airworthiness certificate, complete airframe & engine logs and maintenance history

I have an assembly manual for an S2E which gives step by step instructions for building an S2E from factory parts. Excellent source for completing the airplane. I also have a detailed set of assembly drawing for the S2A or S2E from which copies can be made (won’t be cheap because these a large blue print drawings).

I also have under construction a set of wings that could be finished with all the hardware from the S2A wings. Top wing is about 80% complete (see pictures) - bottom wings ribs build, factory pre-drilled spars. All material needed to complete these wings to covering stage is available. If unfinished wings are preferred - I will adjust price.

I would like to keep the engine for a Christen Eagle II project that I have under construction.

I will sell the project with the engine for $24,900 or without the engine for $19,900. Will also include a new Terra 960 radio w/glide slope and a used terra transponder for an additional $500.00, including mounting box, trays and manuals.

I can be reached by telephone at 919 303-3407 or by email at . Would love to have you drop in and see this nice project.

Bruce Jordan








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