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Your Personalized Adoption Package will Include the Following:

         A complete set of Properly Prepared Florida Supreme Court  Approved Documents for your Stepparent, Grandparent, Relative, or adult adoption.

         All Documents are Professionally Prepared for You - Just Sign

         All Required Notarizations are Included

         All Our Travel Time is Included

         We Will Facilitate all Court Filings and Mailings for You

We are also able to assist in preparing documents for situations where a parent can not be located.

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Stepparent Adoption Questionnaire

The fee for filing your case with the Clerk of the Court in your county is not included.  You may qualify for a waiver of filing fees.  Ask Mari for more information regarding the filing fee for your county.
Florida Family Adoptions is a nonlawyer document preparation company, not a law firm.  None of our employees are lawyers, and we cannot give legal advice or represent you in court.
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