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Cost Effective Nonlawyer Options for Grandparent, Stepparent, and Family Adoptions throughout Florida


Things don't always turn out the way they were planned, and when a baby or children are involved, the stakes are high. Reaching a happy ending to a difficult family situation often takes a lot of hard work, careful planning and the commitment of a loving family.

While most newborn and DCF adoptions in Florida must be handled by attorneys or adoption agencies, it is important to know that for grandparent, stepparent or family/relative adoptions, you have nonlawyer options that could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees while accomplishing the exact same result.

In cases where a relative within the third degree of consanguinity (i.e. a grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle) is able to obtain the agreement and consent of the parents, a relative/grandparent adoption in Florida can proceed smoothly through the courts and can be finalized quickly.  

Likewise, if you are a stepparent wishing to adopt your stepchild, and the non-adopting parent is willing to sign the appropriate legal documents, a complete stepparent adoption package may be presented to the Court, and the stepparent adoption may be finalized as an uncontested matter after a short hearing. 

Usually, families retain an adoption attorney to handle these types of cases, and that's a great idea if you can afford it or if you require legal advice or representation in court.  A competent adoption lawyer is able to conclude any uncontested adoption and also provide you with advice and guidance in situations where the consent of one, or both parents, has not been obtained. If you decide you need an attorney, I would suggest choosing one who is Board Certified  in adoption law.  For Florida families with uncontested matters who cannot afford to retain the services of an adoption attorney, you have an option.

Florida Family Adoptions will prepare all of the required legal documents for your case and guide you through the filing process step by step from start to finish.  We will remain available to you until your adoption is finalized.

I have had the privilege of helping many families throughout Florida who were big on love, but short on money, achieve their goals. I am always thrilled when my customers call to tell me that their case has been approved and scheduled for finalization by the court without complications or issues.  Seeing a family come together is always gratifying.  Helping a child achieve permanency in a secure, loving and stable home is something I treasure. 

It is also important to note that relative adoptions in Florida may qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which can be a terrific benefit. 

If I can help you achieve your goals, I would be delighted to speak with you.  I invite you to call me today to discuss your goals and the nonlawyer adoption document preparation services that I provide.



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Florida Family Adoptions is a nonlawyer document preparation company, not a law firm.  None of our employees are lawyers, and we cannot give legal advice or represent you in court.
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