I hope you’re here looking for an idea person who can help you, your business, or your clients get to a new level. A creative, experienced art director and designer who gets how concepts, images and words come together to tell the world who, and what you are.

Maybe you’re a small design shop, needing an extra set of hands when deadlines are looming. Or an ad agency or marketing firm looking for a creative who will come in, share ideas, collaborate with a copywriter, do the work, be nice to the designers and production artists, and push the brew button when the coffee pot is empty. Click contact, if you have work.

I’d rather concept and design than blog, so you won’t find my ego, err, I mean day-to-day activities chronicled here. You will find a few of my philosophies, and samples of interactive, animation and print projects. Have a look around. Or, if you're feeling lucky, click one of the images below, and see where it takes you.

If you arrived here via search engine - you know who you are - yes, I am that Maggie Ziomek. Click here to say hey from high school, college, grad school, London, that art colony in Mexico, or a theatrical production, film or commercial we did together. If you want to make travel arrangements, apply for a job at Frito Lay, or sell your home in Naples, Florida, you want one of the other Maggie Ziomeks.