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The Iseum of the Mystic Isis is a multifaceted entity, reflecting the diversity of interests of both its founders and its members. Chartered in March of 1995 by Lady Olivia Robertson, Archpriestess-Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis, our Iseum is dedicated to discussion and exploration of the many varieties of spiritual and mystical experience, with an emphasis on the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian). Our approach is multidisciplinary, drawing from resources ancient and modern. Through experience we've come to realise that while one size may cover most, it rarely fits anyone!

As the founders and administrators of a chartered Iseum, we are empowered by the FOI to enroll new members in the Fellowship and to charter new Iseums. While we have chosen not to offer training in the FOI's Initiate Levels at this time, we do work with the FOI liturgy as well as with rites of our own crafting. Goddesses and gods of all pantheons are given equal honour, and in all things we strive to uphold the divine attributes of love, beauty and truth.

We ascribe to no rote dogma; we set neither expectations nor limitations on what an individual may choose to believe, think, or practise. The only requirement for participation is a genuine interest in what we do and a willingness to give of your time and attention. There are no oaths of secrecy required; your only vows are those you make, willingly, to your Gods, the only secrets those mysteries beyond words. Men and women share equally in the rites, with nothing being withheld from one sex or the other for any reason theological, biological or otherwise. There is no one strict liturgy; it grows and evolves, as does any living thing. Exploration, discovery, and spiritual growth in a creative and egalitarian atmosphere are our highest goals.

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