I've been writing poems, on and off, for nearly two decades.  Here is a sampling of them.  Not all of my poems have titles because sometimes I just can't think of a suitable title for a particular poem.  I feel it's better to leave it untitled than to force a title on it which doesn't "feel" right.  So I've assigned them all numbers to distinguish one from another (they were not necessarily written in this order).

1. When Nothing Can Be Said

When nothing can be said,
What words cannot express;
The touch of God's hand,
sight of His Holiness.

The Kingdom of God is revealed,
a glimpse of heaven above.
All sin loses its lustre
in the glory of His Love.

This void within me
Is filled by You alone
And only by love
Can you be known

I'm in pain,
Consumed with loneliness
Dear Father,
Fill my emptiness
With Your Love, Your Love,
Compassion, Grace and Love

3. My God, My All
"Thou hast made us for Thyself"...
- Only you can set us free -
For our hearts shall be restless
'Till they rest in Thee.

Temporal things are partial,
Pleasures pass so fast.
Fulfillment is in You alone,
The joy you give shall last.

More and more, I see now
the emptiness in earthly things.
The more I see, the more I want
the rest that Jesus brings.

4. Christmas Poem: Incarnation
Holy Infant, How I love You
Lamb of God undefiled
Eternal Son of the Father
Now Mary's sweet little child

Image of the Invisible God,
the world can see You now;
wrapped in swaddling cloths,
asleep in a feeding trough.

Angels descend, singing praises
To God, and the shepherds hear
That the Good Shepherd has come
to find His lambs so dear.

On this day, Messiah has come
to live and die...God's own Son.

5. Queen of Heaven

Rejoice, O Mary; Alleluia!
The Son you merited to bear
has conquered death! Alleluia!
Let us your rejoicing share

Rejoice, O Mother; Alleluia!
Rejoice in the triumph of your Son.
Jesus Christ is truly risen
Rejoice, O Mary, blessed one!

6. Hosea 2:19-20
I will betroth you, My Bride,
I will betroth you to Me.
I will betroth you forever;
Eternally we will be together.

In justice you'll be betrothed,
In My righteousness you will be clothed,
With unfailing Love you'll be loved.
My compassion will be your comfort,
My faithfulness your rejoicing,
My beloved, you are Mine,
I am yours.

Hail, City of God!
Hail, Bride of the Lamb!
Hail, Ecclesia Mater
 clothed with the Sun of Justice.

Blessed be God the Father, your Maker!
Blessed be God the Son, your Head!
Blessed be God the Holy Spirit, your Soul!

You are lovely, threefold Church*,
 in the eyes of the Triune God.
You have ravished the Heart of the King;
 His love for you drew Him to earth!

Virgin in your doctrine,
Mother in the Sacraments,
Bride in your loving worship,
Queen in your universal sovereignty.

Blessed be your Mother, Mary most Holy.
Blessed be your Patron, Saint Joseph.
Blessed be your Guardian, Holy Michael the Archangel.

You fill Heaven,
 you possess the earth.

Object of the world's hatred,
 object of God's everlasting love.

Fear not, though the dragon is roused;
 his time is short, Christ is eternal.
You overcome him in the Blood of the Lamb
   and of the martyrs.

Who is she that cometh forth
   as the morning rising
 Fair as the moon,
 Bright as the sun,
 Terrible as an army set in array?

She is the Bride gazing on her Beloved.
Rapt in His Light she rises triumphant;
 Praise on her lips,
 the Spirit in her Heart,
 her dove's eyes shine with Glory divine.

Transfigured before Him
 as the moon reflects the sun;
Rejoice! The wedding of the Lamb has begun.
  "We shall be like Him
     For we shall see Him
        As He is!"

* Threefold Church, Ecclesia has three aspects: the Church Militant on earth, the Church Triumphant in Heaven and the Church Suffering in Purgatory.

8. Mother Church
In the Spirit, Ecclesia
shall give new birth
with motherly tenderness
to the children of earth.
How lovely is Your tabernacle,
O Lord, God of Hosts.
the place where dwells the One
I long for most.

A single day in Your banquet hall,
Is worth a thousand elsewhere
Even the sparrow has a nest
for herself there.

But I'm in a dry and wearly land,
and my whole being longs
To be in Your Sanctuary
where I belong!

Send forth Your Light and your Truth,
Agnus Dei, to lead me
To your Wedding Banquet were
I long to be.

Sustain me with Your Flesh,
Refresh me with Your Blood;
I'm homesick for Your courts,
lovesick for Your Love.

Living Water from the cleft of the Rock,
Your Grace from an infinite store.
I hear you say "Come to Me and drink,
and thirst no more!"

To praise God with every painful tear,
To sing when crushed unter the cross,
To let love flow from a broken heart,
How precious and pleasing is this in God's sight!
For the tears, cross and broken heart are the way of Christ!
11. If Only
If only this canal were a river of blood
- the Blood of Christ -
I would immerse my sorrows under its purple waves
As the chosen people cast their sins into the sea.
If only I could drown this pain,
If only....

Into Your pure hands I commend my soul;
Onto Your paten I place my broken heart;
Into Your Chalice I dip my pain.
I unite my suffering with Yours.
Perhaps you will
my sorrow into beauty
Just maybe....

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