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Last Updated: 8 January 2007

I occasionally sell some religious articles on Ebay. Here is the List of current auctions, if you're interested.

I put up a few of my books for sale through, at half the regular price or less. If you are interested, here is the List of books I'm currently selling.


The Virginity of Our Lady In Partu (During Childbirth): On the Painless, Miraculous Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ -Added 8/1/07

Hope for Faith. A chance to help a very special child. -Revised 8/1/07

Long Live Pope Benedict XVI! -Added 20/4/05

Tribute to Pope John Paul II -Added 2/4/05

Catholic Freebies -Added 26/7/01

Were Hitler and Mussolini Catholic? -Added 23/5/01

The Christ Child: Devotions to Jesus' Infancy and Childhood and The Christ Child in the Gospels - Added 28/3/01

Pray To Whom?, an article which tackles the question: Is God the Father the only one to Whom we should address prayers? -Added 18/3/01

A new apologetics feature: Is Catholicism Unbiblical? Answers Bible verses commonly used against the Church. -Added 4/10/00

Do Catholics Worship "In Spirit and In Truth"? -Added 1/10/00

Posted a poem I received in an email message; new article is called Food For Thought. -Added 30/9/00

Finally completed the response to an old Guestbook message: Is the Catholic Church Christian? -Added 21/9/00

A new tract: Ten Reasons Why I Never Wash. -Added 22/7/00

I revised the article In Defense of Organized Religion again, removing parts of it for inclusion in a new article: Did Jesus Found an Organized Religion?. -Added 24/6/00

Another apologetics article, Dying Gods?. -Added 8/6/00

Added a new apologetics article, Do Catholics Worship the Sun?. -Added 7/6/00

A new tract added: Religion, an Exact Science. -Added 21/5/00

Added a Tribute to Cardinal O'Connor. -Added 4/5/00.

Yet another apologetices article, A Defense of Organized Religion. -Added 14/4/00

Another new apologetics article, Do Catholics Worship "Another Jesus"?. -Added 26/3/00

Added a new apologetics article, Should Christians Use A Crucifix?, addresses common objections to crucifixes such as "Jesus isn't on the Cross anymore" and "They're so negative". Also added a page of graphic links for anyone who wants to put a link to this site on their page. -Added 23/3/00

The site now has a Catholic Add-A-Link Page. Any orthodox Catholic site faithful to the Pope and Magesterium can be posted on this page. -Added 17/3/00

I have included two apologetics-oriented Catholic pamphlets which have made the rounds offline for a long time. Now they are online. They are A Mohammedan Questions a Bishop and The Hail Mary of a Protestant. They seem to be in the public domain. -Added 29/2/00

A new page Catholic Resources for WebSurfers, contains information on Catholic internet service providers (ISP), Catholic web portals, and sites which offer free email and free homepages for Catholics. Also, the Search page has a new search engine for looking up Catholic sites elsewhere on the Web. -Added 24/1/00

A new apologetics page: Some Things that Catholics Do Not Believe. -Added 16/1/00


Three new pictures added to the The Christ Child page. -Revised 18/9/01

Two paragraphs added to Do Catholics Worship the Sun?. -Revised 20/7/01

New Links added to many of the "Is Catholicism Pagan?" pages, plus definitions added to Is the Blessed Trinity Pagan? and Is the Virgin Birth Pagan? -Revised 1/7/01

One new question added to the Theological Questions page, two questions transferred from there to the Scripture Questions page, plus three new questions added to the latter. -Revised 10/11/00

Four new questions added to the Theological Questions page -Revised 31/10/00

Added two questions to the FAQ on Sexuality. -Revised 21/9/00

Added a question to the Eastern Catholic FAQ. -Revised 11/9/00

Updated Are Christmas and Easter Pagan?. -Revised 7/6/00

One new question each added to the Scripture Questions, Theological Questions and Policy Questions pages.  Also, a new link added to the Marian Art page. -Revised 1/6/00

Added a section to the article In Defense of Organized Religion. It got so long that I had to split it into Part I and Part II. -Revised 22/5/00

New information added to the Virgin Most Powerful article. -Revised 21/5/00

Updated the Is Marian Devotion Pagan? article. -Updated 26/3/00

More to come soon; thank you for visiting the Mystical Rose Catholic Page.

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