Sacred Heart of Jesus

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in Heart, and you will find rest for your souls." -Matthew 11:29

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine!

"The counsel of the LORD stands for ever, the thoughts of his Heart to all generations."
-Ps 33:11

The Sacred Heart is a symbol of Jesus' love for us; both His Divine Love as God and His human love. The love of Christ our God is immense.
That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fulness of God. -Eph 3:17-19
Act of Consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Pope Leo XIII

Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down on us humbly prostrate before You. We are Yours, and Yours we wish to be. But, to be more surely united with You, behold, each of us freely consecrates himself today to Your Most Sacred Heart.

Many, indeed, have never known You. Many too, despising your precepts, have rejected You. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Your Sacred Heart. Be King, O Lord not only of the faithful who have never forsaken You, but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned You. Grant that they may quickly return to their Father's house, lest they die of wretchedness and hunger. Be King of those who are decieved by erroneous opinions, or whom discord keeps aloof, and call them back to the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so that soon there may be but one flock and one Shepherd.

Grant, O Lord, to Your Church, assurance of freedom and immunity from harm. Give peace and order to all nations, and make the earth resound from pole to pole with one cry: "Praise to the Divine Heart that wrought our salvation - to It be glory and honor forever!" Amen.

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart
by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

I, N_______, give myself and consecrate to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ my person and my life, my actions, pains, and sufferings, so that I may be unwilling to make use of any part of my being save to honor, love, and glorify the Sacred Heart.

This is my unchanging purpose, namely, to be all His, and to do all things for the love of Him, at the same time renouncing with all my heart whatever is displeasing to Him.

I therefore take Thee, O Sacred Heart, to be the only object of my love, the guardian of my life, my assurance of salvation, the remedy of my weakness and inconstancy, the atonement for all the faults of my life and my sure refuge at the hour of death.

Be then, O Heart of goodness, my justification before God Thy Father.... O Heart of love, I put all my confidence in Thee, for I fear everything from my own wickedness and frailty; but I hope for all things from Thy goodness and bounty.

Do Thou consume in me all that can displease Thee or resist Thy holy will. Let Thy pure love imprint Thee so deeply upon my heart that I shall nevermore be able to forget Thee or to be separated from Thee. May I obtain from all Thy loving kindness the grace of having my name written in Thee, for in Thee I desire to place all my happiness and all my glory, living and dying in true bondage to Thee.

+ + + + + + +

Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me!
Let anyone who believes in Me come and drink!
As scripture says, "From his
Heart shall flow streams of living water"
-John 7:37-38 NJB
Prayer to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

O Eucharistic Heart, sovereign Love of our Lord Jesus, you have instituted the Blessed Sacrament in order to dwell here below with us and to give to our souls Your Flesh as food and Your Blood as heavenly drink. We confidently trust, O Lord Jesus, in the supreme Love which instituted the most holy Eucharist; it is just that we should adore, confess, and exalt this love, as the great storehouse of the life of Your Church.

This love is an urgent invitation for us; You seem to say to us: "See how I love you! giving you My Flesh as food, and My blood as drink; I desire by this union to excite your charity, I desire to unite you to Myself, I desire to effect the transformation of your souls into My crucified Self, I Who am the Bread of eternal life. Give Me then your hearts, live in My life and you shall live in God."

We recognize, O Lord, that this is the appeal of Your Eucharistic Heart. We thank You for it and desire earnestly to respond to it. Grant us the grace to be keenly aware of this supreme love, with which, before Your Passion, You invite us to receive and feed upon Your Sacred Body.

Engrave deeply our souls the firm determination to respond faithfully to this invitation. Give us devotion and reverence whereby we may be able to honor and worthily receive the gift of Your supreme love, and of Your Eucharistic Heart. Grand that we may thus be able, with Your grace, to celebrate profitably the remembrance of Your Passion, to make reparation for our offenses and our coldness, to nourish and increase our love for You, and to keep ever living within our hearts this seed of a blessed immortality. Amen.

Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my love!

O Heart of Love, I put my trust in You. Though I fear all things from my weakness, I hope all things from Your goodness!

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