You Might be a Gen X Catholic If...

Compiled by the "Gen X" Catholics on the  Caelum et Terra mailing list

...One of your earliest memories of Mass involves watching four teenage girls with long, straight hair strumming guitars.

...There were more felt banners bearing hippy slogans in your parish church than statues.

...You never understood why the pastor kept rearranging everything and removing things from the church all the time: statues, confessionals, kneelers, etc..

...You wondered why some of the old ladies put doilies on their heads in church. What was that all about?

...You think an historic church is one with kneelers.

...You've been to at least one Mass where the folk group sang the song "Fire and Rain".

...When someone says they miss all the old Catholic hymns, you wistfully reply "Yeah, 'All I Ask of You' was so beautiful.".

...You first learned how to sing "Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above" from the movie Sister Act (c'mon, admit it!).

...Friday was "hamburger night" at your house.

...You were a girl altar server in the 70's or 80's, and didn't realize that you were breaking the rules.

...Growing up, you only knew of one family that used NFP...and they were Presbyterians.

...In all your years of Catholic school, you never had a nun for a teacher.

...Ruler? What on earth are you talking about?

...You heard older people talking about a "Baltimore Catechism", but you never actually saw one.

...You remember learning the song "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" in Sunday School.

...Seven Cardinal what???

...Your Grade 9 religion class included learning the Our Father and the Hail Mary, because most of the kids in class didn't know those two prayers.

...Your overall religious instruction left you with impression the only mortal sin was first degree murder: everything else is venial and therefore irrelevant.

...When asked to explain the story of our redemption, you instinctively start looking for a feltboard.

...You think the tabernacle has always been off to the side or in a separate room.

...You've heard the words "Benediction" and "Vespers" but aren't really sure what they mean.

...You wonder why some people receive communion on the tongue.

...You never learned how to receive communion on the tongue.

...You received First Holy Communion before First Penance.

...You don't understand all the fuss used to be about fasting before communion: after all, an hour isn't all that long!

...You've never been in one of those old confessionals with the grill.

...You think Extreme Unction is a new professional wrestling show on TV.

...the only priests you've ever met who are your age are all from Third World countries.

...If a non-Catholic says, "I wish I'd been exposed to the rich, fascinating cultural and spiritual heritage of Catholicism", you think, "Yeah, so do I."

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