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Updated 10 September 2000

Announcement:  This Ring has moved to! Members must reapply below.

The Eastern Catholic Net Ring links together various web sites about Eastern Rite Catholicism, an aspect of the Catholic Church which is largely unknown in the West.

All Eastern Catholic sites which are in union with the Pope are welcome and encouraged to apply, so that all who travel this ring can discover the rich variety of non-Roman rites in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Any site is welcome on this ring as long as it fulfills all of the following requirements (please read them carefully):

The Ringmanager reserves the absolute right to exclude from the ring any site which does not meet all of the above criteria.

Neither the Eastern Catholic Net Ring, its Ringmanager, the members of the ring or is liable for any member that changes his or her site after being accepted into the ring. Any site in the ring found to violate the rules of the Eastern Catholic Net Ring will be removed and its webmaster notified as to why it was removed.

If the above describes your page, you can join the ring by doing the following:

  1. Go to the following URL and enter all your info:  All resubmissions from old Webring will be added immediately.;action=addform

  2. Download the following two ring graphics:

    First Rign GraphicSecond Rign Graphic

  3. Paste the HTML fragment found on this page to the bottom of your home page (or the page on your site which you are connecting to the ring, if only part of your site will be included). Remember to alter it where necessary, adding your email address, name and Site ID where requested. The finished product should look like the one at the bottom of this page.

  4. Email me to tell me that you put the HTML fragment on your page. I will check it and add it to the ring.
If you are already a member of the Eastern Catholic Net Ring, you can edit your Site information from this page.

When finished, your link will look something like this one:

This Eastern Catholic Net Ring site
is owned by "Mystic Rose".
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