Sorry, no pornography on these pages (in case anyone was looking!), but you are welcome to stay and read about the Church's teachings on sexuality.

The Church's teaching on human love and sexuality is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented aspects of the Catholic faith. The following articles are dedicated to destroying old myths and stereotypes which continue to dog the Faith.

Some other articles on the Mystical Rose Catholic Page touch on the subject of the sacredness of sex, particularly the "Bride of God" series. Here are the links to those articles: Note: The theme of sacred sexuality is covered mainly in the first and last articles in this series, but please read the entire series in order to get the full context.

Finally, see the article Is the Body Evil? for a related discussion. It does not say much about sexuality, but it addresses the idea that Christianity vilifies the human body, and this certainly relates to the Christian attitude toward sexuality.

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Here are some links to other sites which promote a positive, Catholic attitude toward human love and sexuality.

Theology of the Body

The GIFT Foundation offers inexpensive courses and other information about the Theology of the Body

The Bridegroom Pages. From the Catholic Page For Lovers. This is one of my most favorite websites.

A Theological Reflection on the Human Body

Christian Meaning of Human Sexuality, Guidelines for Education within the Family. Released 21 November 1995 by the Pontifical Council for the Family. This is a very long document. Some short exerpts are available on the Love, Sex and Marriage page.

Expanding Our Human Sexual Horizons, by Thomas W. Hilgers, MD. Was on the internet years ago, has since been removed, but here is an old cached copy I found at the Web Archive! Some pages are missing, but much of the book is still intact.

Does celibacy mean giving up everything? by Br. Corey Brost, S.V.D.

Love is for Life, Pastoral Letter of the Irish Bishops. The first section has great stuff about the deeper meaning of sexuality.

God of Desire

Chastity...Abstinence...and Dating!

Morals and Marriage: the Catholic Background to Sex.

Real Love Productions (Mary Beth Bonacci's web site)

Pure Love Club

The Body Prophetic by Laura Garcia.

The Joy of Chastity.

Premarital Sex by Fr. Ron Stanley.

What is Wrong with Sex Outside of Marriage?

Sex and Cohabitation.

Sex is Sacred.

The Truth about Modesty.

PornNoMore.com; Catholic-oriented website to help people overcome addiction to pornography.

Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addictions Recovery (CSGSAR) This site has finally re-opened!

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