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Hi. My name is Rosemarie. I am a revert to the Catholic Faith, having left it for five years during my teens. My husband is a cradle Catholic.

My patron saint is the most Blessed Virgin Mary under her titles Our Lady of the Rosary and "Mystical Rose" (Rosa Mystica in Latin). As you can probably tell from the title, this page is under the patronage of Maria Rosa Mystica.

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On the Internet, I sometimes go by the nickname "Mystic Rose". This is a rarely-used, alternate translation of Rosa Mystica (the more popular ones being "Mystical Rose" and "Rose of Mysticism"). Not that I think I'm the Virgin Mary (I'm not!), I just adopted her title because of my love for her.

I set up this home page to share with others some things which I have learned about Catholicism during an in-depth, personal study of the Faith over the past eleven years. My formal Catholic education was extensive; as a public school student in elementary school I attended CCD classes every Sunday (and found religion fascinating even back then). In seventh grade I started Catholic school, and attended Catholic educational institutions through college (where I minored in Religious Studies). Since I took religion courses all along, I guess I received a religious education which was more extensive than some Catholics get (especially those whose religious instruction ends with Confirmation).

Yet in all those years of classroom instruction, I never learned about the Church's teaching on Grace, or her real teachings on human sexuality. These subjects were either ignored or misrepresented. I also learned almost nothing about Sacramentalism, or the "Familial" model of the Church and how it relates to the saints, the pope, etc.

It took years of personal study - including accredited correspondence courses, reading numerous theology texts, etc. - to learn these awesome truths, especially the truth of Grace. So now I want to share what I have learned with others (hopefully) for their benefit (especially those unable to dedicate years to an in-depth study of theology!)

I am not a perfect human being; Lord knows I don't "have it all together". I still sin like everyone else; I still stumble along in faith, not always sure of God's mysterious plan. Please don't think I have "arrived" at some pinnacle of spirituality (Theology does not make you a saint!). I simply come to you as a sister who wishes to share some things which God has chosen to reveal to me. My prayer is that these truths touch you and help you in your walk with the Lord.

Enjoy the page :-)!

In Jesu et Maria,
Mystic Rose

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