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The Mystical Rose Catholic Page

Celebrating the Beauty of Catholicism

"I did try to found a heresy of my own; and when I had put the last touches to it,
I discovered that it was orthodoxy" -G. K. Chesterton

God bless you! Welcome to the Mystical Rose Catholic Page.
What is this site all about?

Rose Hope for Faith. A chance to help a very special child.

Rose Tribute to Pope John Paul II

Rose Joyful Catholicism

Rose The Lover of Mankind (God, that is)

Rose The Lord Jesus Christ Our God

Rose The Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary

Rose Catholic Apologetics

Rose Church Teaching on Human Sexuality

Rose Catholic Prayer Pages

Rose Catholic Links

Rose Rosa Mystica Bookstore Recommended reading, music and movies.

Rose Search this site

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Pro-lifers Against Clinic Violence

Last updated on 27 June 2001, the Feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria.

The Archdiocese of the Internet Award of Excellence
The Archdiocese of the Internet Award of Excellence

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