Draft 2015 Basketball Schedule

Division Information for 6B

Group DivisionProposed Division Division Last Year Last Year's Record Last Year's PointsOrganizationTeam NumberCoachType
6B AA A 9-0-0 363St. Joseph2Ne Open
6B AA A 8-2-0 324Holy Infant1Sw open
6B AA A 4-6-0 233St. Clare1Co Closed
6B AC A 2-7-1 263Ascension1Er Open
6B AA A 2-8-0 212St. Clement1Da Closed
6B BA B 10-0-0 333CPOP2Be Open
6B BC D 10-0-0 271Sacred Heart1Jo Closed
6B BB C 8-2-0 225Ascension2Ja Open
6B BB B 7-3-0 282St. Clement2Jo Closed
6B BB B 6-4-0 246CPOP1Cl Open
6B BB B 5-5-0 129St. Alban5Gr Open
6B BB B 1-8-1 192Twin Oaks1Br closed
6B BC B 0-9-1 128Incarnate1Or closed
6B CC C 8-2-0 254St. Clare2Ki Closed
6B CD D 6-3-0 130St. Alban4Ma Open
6B CD D 5-4-0 143St. Richard1Mo Closed
6B CC C 5-5-0 161St. Monica1Be Open
6B CC C 3-7-0 162St. Joseph1Mu open
6B CD C 1-9-0 119Incarnate2Mo closed
6B CD D 0-10-0 108Holy Infant2Be open
6B CD N/A N/A Kirk Day School1Ri open

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Date Changed: October 30, 2014