Official CYC West County 2015 Basketball Schedule

Division Information for 6B

Group DivisionOrganizationTeam NumberCoachType
6B ACPOP2Be Open
6B ASt. Joseph2Ne Open
6B AHoly Infant1Sw open
6B ASt. Clare1Co Closed
6B ASt. Clement1Da Open
6B BSacred Heart1Jo Closed
6B BAscension2Ja Open
6B BSt. Clare2Ki Closed
6B BCPOP1Cl Open
6B BSt. Alban5Gr Open
6B BAscension1Er Open
6B CSt. Clement2Wa Open
6B CSt. Alban4Ma Open
6B CSt. Richard1Mo Closed
6B CSt. Monica1Be Open
6B CSt. Joseph1Mu open
6B CTwin Oaks1Br open
6B CIncarnate2Mo Open
6B CIncarnate1Ma Open
6B CHoly Infant2Mi open
6B CKirk Day School1Ri open

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Date Changed: December 16, 2014