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From CRS Barracks 1984-5 Post Office and Commisary on right

Best Guess from where barracks used to be

Gone are the base gas station, commissary, credit union, BX, barracks, chow hall, post office, outdoor pool, billeting, and much more, many building remain and some are in dire need of upkeep. Base housing remains as a condo community with many still for sale at 120K and up. Gym is undergoing renovations, baseball field remains with many more added, tennis court is now in-line skating. Officer and NCO Mess is college. 

View of Base Chapel Rear 9/26/2008

Bldg 325 CRS and Parachute tower in background

FTD Building

Fire Dept. I think

Phase Hangar on right

View South

View North behind barracks (RH) what used to be a ravine and woods

Base Hospital

I dined at a place called Doodles Cafe today, north of the parachute shop

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City of Myrtle Beach Air Base Wall of Service Application

Pleural Mesothelioma

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