Info about the human member of the household:

Hi. As you guessed by now, my name is Patty and I live in San Jose with my cat. All my cats have had their obvious opinions about my interests.... But I will tell a little about myself anyway, and about my interests, and provide somebody interested in HUMANS with some links.

Well. I work for a small company in Los Altos, CA as a tech support manager (computers, of course). However, for many years I worked for a non-profit organization in Chicago full-time (, at a used cd store part-time until it closed in 2000, and at the Niles Public Library ( As a result, I never really had much spare time out there and didn't have much of a life! Out here, I still feel like I'm settling in. Some of my interests are reading sci-fi, fiction, horror, or true crime; playing on irc (internet relay chat) with the nick PattyCatt on #Myriah or #highjinks, or trying to learn c++ or visual basic or anything else that strikes my fancy.

I'm not allowed to write much, Myriah has limited me to only a little bit, so I'll try to make it short.


*wrestles with the keyboard*

Sorry about that, Myriah was insisting that my turn was up and it was her turn again.... Anyway, below are some links. This page is under construction (when the cat will let me) so you can check back periodically to see what changes have been made...
Yes, more links will be added, but hey, I just posted this!!! :)

Go to Pelinore, Ghost & Goblin's Page.

Go to Mirage's page.

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If you want to email me, you can do so at I'd like to hear from you (and so would my kitties, too)!