Mirage's Page - and I'M the best cat on the net!!!!

Hi. I'm Mirage, and this is MY page. Below is a pic of me. I know I'm much cuter than that dratted Myriah. See for yourself!!

I was wandering the streets of Chicago as a stray. I really don't remember how I got out on the streets, but it was very scary. Then one day I saw this young human woman pulling up in a truck, and decided to see if she would feed me. She fed me on her front porch for days. Among other problems besides the lack of food, I had had an ear ripped in a fight, I had fleas, and my body was doing strange things. (It turns out I was pregnant...)

This human, called Patty, finally snatched me up and brought me to her vet, where after much stress I lost my kittens in a miscarriage. Even though she had originally turned me in as a stray, she arranged for me to be spayed and took me home, where I moved into the house with her and her mother and many other cats and a dog!!! (I really hate dogs...)

When Patty moved out of her mother's house, she of course took me, along with Myriah and some others. I really don't like Myriah, she's a spoiled brat. Pellinore is okay, and Ghost (who sometimes thinks of me as a surrogate mommy) is okay too, but I don't really like Goblin either. I know who and what I like! I also have taken it upon myself to watch for strangers in her house... ESPECIALLY those evil male-type peoples!!! Well that's my story, ta-ta!!

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If you want to email me or Patty, or any of the rest of us, you can do so at myriah@earthlink.net. We'd like to hear from you!