Myriah's Home Page

Hi. I'm Myriah, and this is my home page. Below is a pic of me. Aren't I just SO cute???

I know that I'm just the best kitty that ever lived! I was born on 3/30/1990, and my human found me in, of all places, a pet store with my sisters and brothers. She fell in love with me, and here I am!

I live in this place that you humans call "San Jose, California" .. me, I just call it home. We travel around sort of a lot. I really hate it when my human Patty grabs me and sticks me in a cat carrier. I yell and yell. All she has to do is say "Go for a ride in the carrier?" and I start crying and run... But when I get to where we're going, I'm fine. I just don't like the carrier!

For many years I lived in Chicago with my 4 pals: Mirage, Pellinore, Ghost, and Goblin. You can click on the names to hear their stories.. they had some hair-raising times out on the streets of Chicago! Not me, I was a spoiled kitten. However .. Mirage is gone now. Patty said she died and looked very sad; something about her becoming paralyzed, whatever that is. Patty has left her story up anyway. Also, when we moved out here (an awful 3 day trip!), Ghost, Goblin and Pellinore all ended up with Patty's friend Ryan. But they are still happy, and I miss them (sort of)!

Actually, I have several major physical problems. First, I suffer from kidney disease, also known as chronic renal failure. To learn more about this syndrome, and what you can do for your cat or dog who may suffer from it, please click here. This site, Patty says, is a very good site.. so give it a look-see! So far my blood values are all real good, and I'm on Hill's Prescription Diet Feline K/D to help keep my kidneys functioning well. I also eat Triumph's Hi-Tor Neo-Diet for felines, which is available OVER THE COUNTER at certain pet stores; this is an equivalent of K/D. Patty says that I was diagnosed with this back in July of 1997 and that I'm very lucky to be alive. However, I have also recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She doesn't have a link to a good hyperthyroidism site yet (she's slow). This disease means that my thyroid gland is working faster than it should, and making all my organs work a bit harder. On one hand, Patty says this is good, because it diminishes my kidney disease slightly - my kidneys work a bit harder and I feel a bit better. But of course, this isn't real good on a kitty's internal organs. The vet (oh I hate the vet!!) is still trying to decide the best way to treat me.

Oh .. and here's a little more about my cat food opener and litter box cleaner, Patty. Click on HER name if you want to hear about her boring human life. We cats are much more interesting!

If you want to email me or Patty, or any of the rest of us, you can do so at We'd like to hear from you! Patty also volunteers part-time at a cat only no-kill shelter in Morgan Hill, and has great suggestions both for dealing with possible kitty problems, and for finding a new cat friend!