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My GTS Puma Convertibles


The world’s greatest unknown sports car: the GTS PUMA convertible. A classic.


The Puma’s body style sparks attention wherever I drive it. It took a while to get used to the attention I’ve been getting: at gas stations, traffic lights, on the highway, parking lots, even next to South Beach’s glamorous Porches and Corvettes. The Puma is a head-turner.

Styling is dramatic and stunning even after over 25 years! 

Inevitably every time I take it for a drive, people approach me and ask what model of Porsche it is.  I smile and answer:

"It is not a Porsche, it is a Puma".


In contrast with other classical cars, the Puma uses the traditional VW technology and components that you’ll find anywhere and is familiar to mechanics all around the world. As a result, high maintenance costs and lack of knowledgeable mechanics so common with other classical vehicles is not a concern with the Puma.

The Puma uses classic VW transmission, suspension, and 1.6 four cylinder air-cooled rear-mounted engine. It is inexpensive, easy to work on and maintain.  For technical specifications in English, click here.  You can even find a Puma entry at the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

The Puma has a worldwide following as these WEB sites atest: in the US; in Germany; in Brazil -- PUMA CLUB BRASIL and CLUBE DO PUMA; and even in South Africa.

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