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Our 2006 event offered two tracks:  Adult Literature and Children's Literature (scroll down to see the workshops by "track.")

Adult Literature Workshops:

Elfrieda Abbe, Editor - The Writer Magazine

The Business of Freelance Writing.

Are you interested in writing for the freelance market.  Ever wonder how to pitch your work? Or what goes on behind the scenes?  Elfrieda Abbe will give a glimpse into the Writer Magazine, as well as give insight into common mistakes that authors frequently make when pitching their work to the freelance market.

Leslie E. Banks, Author, Screenwriter

Seducing your Readers.

The key to writing compelling fiction is to build trust with your reader.  The best authors create a relationship on the page.  This session will discuss how to draw readers into your story by using the five senses to develop an experience that leaves them wanting more.

Sheree Bykofsky - Sheree Bykofsky Associates

Six Secrets of Successful Authors! 

Sheree will offer her recipe for success, explain how even first-timers can get published, and inspire you with her Wheel of Fortune success story.

Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward, Authors

Writing For Licensed Properties

Robert C. Jones, Editor - Mid-America Poetry Review

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Poem!

Lisa McCormick, Author, Investigative Journalist

Avoiding Writing Scams (and other businessess that prey on writers).

Every year, thousands of writers fall victim to companies that prey on the hopes and dreams of writers. Publishers, PR Firms and Fake Agencies are now found in abundance.  Find out how to protect yourself BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.  

Patty Rice, Andrews McMeel Publishing

An overview of Andrews McMeel.

Sally van Haitsma, Castiglia Literary Agency

Submitting Your Work To An Agent: What You Need To Know In Advance

Katie Van Luchene, Kansas City Magazine, Commercial Journal (KC and St. Louis)

Know My Readers In Order To Know Me.

Katie Van Luchene will show writers how to analyze her magazines for content, how to determine what areas are open to freelance writers (most) and explain how to "get on an editor's speed dial."

Children's Literature Workshops:

Kent L. Brown, Jr., Publisher - Highlights for Children, CEO, Highlights foundation

An Insiders Look at the Business of Publishing

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a publishing house?  What happens after your work is acquired?  What's the responsibility of the publisher to the author?  And what role does the author play in getting their work in front of the public?

Judy Burke, Associate Editor - Highlights For Children

Secrets Revealed! 

Are you interested in selling your work to magazines? Learn some tips for breaking into that market from Judy Burke, a fiction editor at Highlights for Children. Find out what delights editors and inspires hallway cartwheels. Discover what frustrates editors, and hear about some of their pet peeves. And if you haven't considered submitting to magazines, listen to a few good reasons why you might consider it.

Melanie Chrismer, Author

Can This Story Be Saved? - Making Picture Books Saleable

Any story idea can be saved but it takes love, work, and patience.  Although this workshop will incorporate some basics, it will take the picture book discussion further into basic good writing that could span to other genre writing and still cover the bunny and doggie stories too.

Bernette Ford, CEO ColorBridge Books

Book Packagers - A growing, untapped market for writers.

Have you ever wondered how to break into the market for series books? Did you know Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was created and produced by a packager? Packagers have been around since the days of Nancy Drew.  Packagers sell complete projects and series to publishers and hire authors directly. Ever wondered what goes on in the life of a packager? How do you approach one if you're interesting in writing for a series?  How do you pitch a new idea of your own? This workshop will give insight into an often overlooked market for writers.

Cheryl Klein, Editor - Arthur A. Levine Books

The Essence of Plot.

This workshop will talk about the ingredients for developing a compelling plot.  "Plot is all about characters, what they want, and where they go -- how they've changed (and  hopefully, grown) by the end of the novel.  And then you create conflicts or relationships that cause that growth."

Dara Sharif, Editor - Scholastic Magazine

Behind the scenes at Scholastic Magazine.

Get a glimpse of Scholastic's magazine division and learn what an editor looks for in fiction and non-fiction submissions.  

Anitra Steele, Childrens Library Specialist, Mid-Continent Library

Earnests Efforts or . . . What Make A Book "The Most Distinguished?"

Anitra Steele has served on two Caldecott committees and a Newbery committee as well 

as being "member-for-life" on the KC3 and Show Me Award committees.  She will address what award committees look for, the award process and the kinds of books sent to her for award consideration.

Susan Vaught, Author

Write A Synopsis That Sells  


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