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For those who would like a more intimate, hands-on experience, we've added "Master Classes" on Sunday.  Enrollment limited to 12-18 depending on faculty preference.  

Classes available on a first-come, first serve basis. 
Conference registration required.


Serendipity Literary Agency website

Working With Agents
Regina Brooks, President, Serendipity Literary Agency

(SOLD OUT)  Details will be emailed to those who have pre-registered.


Color-Bridge books website

Crafting Books for Emergent and Early Readers Bernette Ford, CEO - ColorBridge Books

At the editors request, homework will simulate a real-life editorial assignment.  Details were emailed to those who have pre-registered. 


Jekyll and Hyde in Three Bouts 
Robert C. Jones, Editor, Mid America Poetry Review, 


We will be 13 - twelve plus me.  Our assigmment:  mail to the conference organizer 13 copies of three poems for the class to comment on, evaluate, suggest possible ways of revising, recommend markets for.  My mild suggestion is that at least one of the three poems each participant submits be a very new poem - perhaps a first draft or a work in progress. 


Pitch It, Sell It: How To Make Writing Your Full-Time Job
Loring Leifer, CEO - Wordsworth


If you think that it's impossible to make a living as a writer, take this workshop. It will help you take the "free" out of free-lance. Since 1982, Loring Leifer has made a full-time living as a free-lance writer. She'll share the secrets to her survival. You'll learn about what's way more important to success than your writing ability; how to narrow your beat and expand your horizons; and make editors beg for your work or at least return your phone calls. This workshop will help you find the right markets to target and make your stories more sellable. You'll also get a list of 164 publications that pay more than $1/word.

Topics Covered - You'll learn how to :

ˇ         Avoid making the three mistakes that separate amateur writers from the pros.

ˇ         Ways to have more fun while you generate better article ideas.

ˇ         How you can turn your hobby into a revenue stream.

ˇ         Argue your way to higher fees with a novel formula that will also impress editors with your editorial savvy.

HomeworkBring at least three ideas for non-fiction articles you'd like to write or at least one completed article and Leifer will help you get them ready to market.


Evan McNamara's website

How to Write a Novel and Work Full-time, Evan McNamara, Author

Kansas City author Evan McNamara flushes the myth that the only writers are full-time writers. This seminar will explore hidden pockets of time in the corporate calendar, destroy perpetual strings of non-writing excuses, and find epiphany in a four a.m. cup of coffee.  Writers deserve to write every day, even if it happens between the wash and the spin cycle.

For beginners, first-time novelists or those looking for time management strategies to complete a project.   


Anna Olswanger's interview with Erin Murphy

Finding That Elusive "Voice" 
Erin Murphy, Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Have you found your main character's voice? Have you found your own voice? How do you know if you have? Everybody knows strong voice when they read it, and all editors want it (it's one of the things they agree upon--even that they'll work harder with an author who's "got voice," even if her/his novel needs significant work)--but defining it beyond that can be like pinning Jello to a wall with the wrong end of a pencil. Erin Murphy will join a group of select participants to look at voices that work, voices that don't; to ponder, savor, beat out, tease out, and chase down this elusive but important element of writing.

For novelists (published and unpublished) with works in process. 


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