Available Paintings

"Afternoon Blossoms" - Watercolor (image size 12" x 16.5" ) price $1,000.00

Almond blossoms against a deep blue afternoon sky. As usual a honeybee is always nearby.

(framed size approx. 22" x 27")

"Temporary Perch" - Watercolor (image size 11.5" x 16.5" ) price $1,000.00

(framed size approx. 22" x 27")

I do not have a peach orchard in my backyard, but I have a friend who does, who graciously allowed me to take photos of her trees in the height of blossom season for reference for a branch for this young finch from my backyard to land on.

"Tropical Trio" - Watercolor (image size 11" x 16" ) Price $950.00

These yellow billed cardinals only exist in Hawaii or South America. I saw these near the City of Refuge on the big island of Hawaii.

(framed size approx. 21" x 26")

"Pretty in Pink" - Watercolor (image size 12" x 17" ) Price $1,000.00

This variety of peach really does produce blossoms this pink.I placed an American Goldfinch on the branch as I think the bright yellow of his feathers compliments the pink blossoms well.

(framed size approx. 22" x 27")

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All paintings are originals created by Marilyn Wear, Turlock, CA

(c) copyright 2011 Marilyn Wear

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