Birds part 2

"Sunflower Morning" - Watercolor (image size 14" x 10.5" ) SOLD!

I was asked by Turlock City Arts Commission to do a new painting to advertise their biggest fund raising event of the year, the annual "Greenery summer art show and garden party". The theme for this year's show is sunflowers, so I came up with this composition of a lesser goldfinch hiding in the shadows of the towering sunflowers around him. This painting was auctioned off to the highest bidder the evening of the event, and the price paid donated to TCAC.

"Temporary Perch" - Watercolor (image size 11.5" x 16.5" )

I do not have a peach orchard in my backyard, but I have a friend who does, who graciously allowed me to take photos of her trees in the height of blossom season for reference for a branch for this young finch from my backyard to land on.

"Backyard Delight" - Watercolor (image size 6.5" x 9" ) SOLD!

A Lesser Goldfinch, stopping briefly to perch on the Japanese Maple tree in my backyard. I found the combination of the bright colors of the bird and the brilliant fall colors of the changing maple leaves demanded to be captured in a painting

"Pretty in Pink" - Watercolor (image size 12" x 17" )

This is my newest. This variety of peach really does produce blossoms this pink.I placed an American Goldfinch on the branch as I think the bright yellow of his feathers compliments the pink blossoms well.

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