Birds part 1

I've always been interested in bird watching as a hobby, and have discovered that they are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I use only my own photos for reference, and use a high-powered zoom lens with my camera to be able to see enough detail for the paintings to be accurate. Sometimes I paint the birds in the same scene as where I took the picture, but most often I place them on attractive branches from photos I've taken elsewhere.

"Tropical Trio" - Watercolor (image size 11" x 16" )

I found these beautiful yellow billed cardinals during a recent trip to the big island of Hawaii.

"Lone Sparrow" - Watercolor (image size 6.5" x 6.5" ) SOLD!

A white-crowned sparrow, common to this area. I happened to notice this one perched precariously on this chain link fence on a recent visit to Monterey Bay. That is the beautiful blue of the bay in the background.

"House Finches" - Watercolor (image size 6.5" x 6.5" ) SOLD!

Another common bird to this area, these house finches love to perch on the large juniper tree in my backyard for most of the summer while waiting for their turn at the bird feeder. The males, like this pair, can be particularly beautiful with their bright red feathers.

"Autumn Gold" - Watercolor (image size7" x 5" ) SOLD!

Fields of wild sunflowers are a common sight in late summer throughout the central valley. I live near one that attracts many different types of birds, including this Lesser Goldfinch, who's striking plumage of bright yellow, olive green, with highlights of black and while make him a visual treat any time of day, but especially on a cool autumn morning like the one depicted here, that blends perfectly with the surrounding colorful sunflowers.

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