"Kohala Honu" - Watercolor (image size 18" x 25" ) SOLD!

"Tenaya Lake" - Watercolor (image size 16" x 20 1/2" )

"Up from the Deep" - Watercolor (image size 16 1/2" x 20 1/2" ) SOLD!

"Harbor Guardians" - Watercolor (image size 29" x 20" )

Last time I was in Santa Barbara (California), I rented a kayak to paddle out for a closer look at these sea lions that commonly rest on this life buoy that separates the deep pacific from the famous harbor. It is probably close to a mile from the shore line, but worth the trip to see these amazing animals up close and personal . I managed to snap a picture of them all looking in different directions, which I thought made an interesting composition, so used it for reference for completing this painting in my studio. To be able to get all the details of the sea lions in, without having to have to crop off any of the tall structure, I made this painting quite a bit larger than usual - in fact it is now my largest watercolor painting.

"Almond Blossoms" - Watercolor (image size 12" x 16" ) SOLD!

One of the first signs of Spring is when the almond blossoms bloom throughout California's Central Valley, beginning every February. A good harvest depends on whether the blossoms have enough visits by bees, like this one.

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All paintings are originals created by Marilyn Wear, Turlock, CA

(c) copyright 2008 Marilyn Wear

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