Moreno Valley Trekkers


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1.  The Trekkers support and promote outdoor and health activities such as birding, hiking, health fairs and first-aid training.  

2.  Monthly socials are held May through September the last Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m.  

3.  A Holiday Social may be held in December or early January.  

4.  The President-elect and Vice President-elect are non-voting, ex-officio members of the Trekkers' Board whose participation in Board meetings is intended to facilitate information transfer between subsequent Boards.

5.  The outgoing President is the new Summer Outing Chair.  From June through September, up to three hikes are scheduled each week, nominally on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Additional hikes may be scheduled in May and October depending on weather and hikers' interest.

6.  The Vice President assists the Social Chair with programs at the socials.  

7.  President or Vice President approval is required before any disbursement by the Treasurer.  

8.  The Trekkers fiscal year is 1 October through 30 September.

9.  Trekkers' rosters are not to be copied or distributed outside the Board.