Meeting Minutes

Moreno Valley Trekkers Minutes

July 23, 2013

5:30 p. m.

The general meeting of the Moreno Valley Trekkers Club met in the lovely home of Lee and Susan Stuart.  Approximately seventy people were in attendance.

President Terry Maxwell called the meeting to order after a very satisfying dinner meal was had by all.

Trail maintenance for Jasper Agate is complete except for major work required by chain saw. When this work is complete Dan Gurule and Jim Hirsch will be invited to hike the trail for approval before sign placement may be done.

The proposed trail from Eagles Nest Lake was not approved.  Jim Thorne requested that the sign for calving be moved to the point where upper and lower Tolby connect allowing one more trail to be hiked during calving season.  A new sign was installed for the landmark “Old Man’s Face”.

Clear Creek bridge has been replaced.  A future maintenance will be held to make rock steps. Signs for south boundary, Hwy 76, Valle Escondio and Garcia park have been approved but are awaiting go ahead for erection.

Larry Peckham announced the following new Trails:  Whittington, Class 2, the trail is 6 miles and has a 1000 foot gain. It normally will enter the Ghost Town. It is currently scheduled for Wednesday 24th.     Angel Fire Ski Area, Class 2, 3 miles, scheduled for a week from Monday (check calendar).  Jasper-Agate, Class 2, 2.5 miles, scheduled for August 14th.

The special event lead by the Carnett’s was well attended by 25 participants.

Janet Alton is leading a special hike on August 21st, Historic Lantern in Cimmaron.  Leave at 4:45p.m. Ghost stories and dinner.

Polo Shirts are being reordered.  If you want one, contact Cheryl Mason immediately!

The bench in honor of Sue McPhail, still has a problem with the site location. The possible sites, playground of United Church or Sage Lane trailhead, are under investigation for possible placement.

Bird hikes are being held every other Friday.  If you wish to attend, contact Cheryl Mason.

The Trekkers are sponsoring a 3 mile hike for the Wellness Fair Saturday July 27th.  Help is needed to help hikers safely cross Angel fire Rd, man the table and pass out water. This is an 8:00 a.m. event.

Kathy Kalen’s book still is available, albeit there is a reworked edition in progress.

Reimbursement for gasoline expenses for trailhead drivers might be appreciated.

In the interest of safety, the Moreno valley trekker application and release form will have the following sentence added “I have read and understand the hiker guidelines”.  The meeting closed with Gordon Cox giving a brief presentation on “Hiking Guidelines”.

Respectfully submitted,

Teri Collier,      Secretary



Moreno Valley Trekkers Minutes

June 25, 2013

5:30 p. m.


The general meeting of the Moreno Valley Trekkers Club met in the Eagles Nest Lake State Park Visitors Center.  Approximately eighty people were in attendance.

President Terry Maxwell called the meeting to order after a very satisfying dinner meal was had by all.

Teri Collier gave a brief financial report in the absence of the treasurer Janet Alton. The club has approximately $4700.00 in the bank before current dues deposits.  There are approximately $600.00 in accounts payable for signs, saw sharpening and youth snacks. There are approximately 96 paid members to date.  If you have updated information, please let Janet know.

Trail maintenance around Eagles Nest Lake was exhausting and insufficient given the amount of trash and debris.  Another date will be scheduled for a second cleanup.  It is recommended that as many people as possible volunteer and bring gloves to wear. The date and time will be announced.

Trail work done by the Lutheran group headed by Jim Thorne has mostly been done.  The trail will be a Class 2, five mile hike. Marking of the Girl Scout trails has been done, but the trails are waiting for signage.  Clear Creek trail will be scheduled for maintenance to rebuild the steps, install a new sign and a bridge.  Volunteers are needed.  Check the calendar for the date.  A new sign will be installed for the landmark “Old Man’s Face”.

Jim Thorne and Larry Peckham met with the game and fish leaders for this area.  Our contact will remain the same.  There was discussion of a new trail from Eagles Nest Lake to the Tolby trailhead.  The discussion was a very positive one for both sides.  The forest still is open even though Santa Fe is closed.  There is a high expectation that the forest will close soon, if the monsoons do not arrive in a timely manner.

Polo Shirts are being reordered.  If you want one, contact Cheryl Mason.  A minimum of ten shirts must be paid for before the order may be submitted.

The bench in honor of Sue McPhail, has been funded, but there is a problem with the site location. Further investigation is being done.

The July 13th event sponsored by the Carnet’s still has spots left.  Check the calendar for information if you are interested in attending. 

Bird hikes are being held every other Friday.  If you wish to attend, contact Cheryl Mason.

Kathy Kalen’s book still is available, albeit there is a reworked edition in progress.

A host/hostess for the September meeting is needed.  The location has been established in the new Girl Scout hall.  If you are interested, contact Terry Maxwell.

There was some discussion of ATV trails within the village limits being reviewed by the village council. No more information was known about the subject.

The meeting closed with Bill Chapman giving a brief presentation on “Living with Large Predators” and walking pole usage.

Respectfully submitted,

Teri Collier, Secretary


Trekker Social and Annual Meeting June 4th, 2013 (Officially this was the May Social delayed for the officers to be able to attend)  

Held: Eagle Nest State Park Visitors Center 5:30 – 6:30 dinner 6:30-7:40 program  

There were approximately 70 members in attendance that comprised a quorum.  

President: Terry Maxwell thanked outgoing Trekker chairpersons, Kathy Westlund, Glenn Wiederstein, and Joan Douglass for their long standing efforts on the Trekker Council.  

The 2013-2014 Slate of Officers was Approved by the Membership as follows:

President, Terry Maxwell; Vice President, Gordon Cox; Secretary, Teri Collier; Trails, Jim Thorne.

Other Council Positions: Social Chair: Kathleen Krissman; Summer Outings: Roger Goette; Winter Outings: Carolyn Smith.

Treasurer, Janet Alton, by this election, has the authorization of access to the checking and savings accounts held at the International Bank. Permission has been granted to change signature cards to reflect change in Treasurer to Janet Alton.  

The 2013-14 Budget was approved as submitted. See Attached copy of Budget and Treasurer’s report.  

The Next Social will be held on June 25, 2013, the normal last,  

Tuesday of the Month, at the Eagle Nest Visitor’s Center, hosted by Gordon Cox, program to include Safety and First Aid on the trail.

Discussion followed to encourage sign up for July and August hikes, Trekker polo shirts, and upcoming events outside of regular Trekker hikes.  

Regarding hikes: Baldy and the Eagle Nest Dam hike will be available this year on a limited basis, (fire danger rating permitting) to Trail maintenance workers, hike leaders, and only then to non-workers.  

Brian & Carolyn Smith are revising Kathy Kailen’s book with updated & additional information trail information.  

All hikes are subject to cancellation or change due to Fire Danger. We are currently in Stage 1 but expect to be upgraded to Stage 2 within weeks without rain. Eagle Nest Lake is at 29% capacity, there have been 2 fires at Philmont, as we experience the driest year since 1955.  

All hikers were provided a phone number to call (575-758-6208) immediately if they spot smoke in the forest. Alternatives could include: Whittington Center , the Girl Scout Camp, and local Angel Fire Trails.  In lieu of this, and the fact that most members don’t hike, Dan & Peggy Carnett have planned some “special events” monthly during the summer. These include tours, road trips, and possible camping.

Jim Thorne reported that due to ocal contact changes with the Game and Fish, Collin Nesbit Wildlife Area, and the State Parks, most work in Cimmaron Canyon has been slowed or halted. All communication is now through Santa Fe . He plans to meet with the Santa Fe people very soon to establish new contacts/contracts if possible.

Thanks were extended to our maintenance crews, Youth groups, and now the Prisoners, who are working on Clear Creek Trail in Cimmaron Canyon , the only year round trail. Discussion followed of reopening Jasper and Agate an old year round trail.

All trail maintenance is recorded and turned into the State Park for reimbursement from the Federal Government based on hours and number of volunteers. So far this year we have contributed 300 hrs.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,

Janet Alton, Treasurer  

Budget Expenses Approved 2013-2014 
Social Supplies $200 
Donations $450 
Fees $ 20 
Postage/Mailing $175 
Trail Maintenance $1600 
Storage Unit $480 
Total expense $2925


The general meeting of the Moreno Valley Trekkers Club met in the home of Jack and Janet Alton on 26 June 2012.  Approximately eighty people were in attendance.

President Roger Goette called the meeting to order after a fabulous dinner meal was had by all.

The new budget for 2012 in the amount of $3725.00 was discussed.  The discussion included a change of Social supplies to the general budget, an addition of Girl Scouts as a new charity and a new category for safety.  In the safety category there is a proposal to purchase a three pound Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) device to be used on hikes.  Further investigation of the benefits of an AED device will ensue to include an analysis of legal ramifications, benefits to hikers and training implications.A motion by Bill Mereness to approve the budget was seconded by Traci Peckham and approved by the general group. 

Concerns of closing the National Forest once again this year were vocalized.  Work is being done to gain access to trails that fall outside the Forest boundaries. Orlando of the Fire Department informed our club that no more Chain Saw Safety certification courses will be held this year.  This leaves the club with only one certified chain saw operator, Bill Chapman. A chain saw was donated to the Trekkers by Chris Neary head of game & fish for the Northern New Mexico region. They will be holding First Aid and CPR classes.  All were encouraged to sign up on the sheet passed around by Roger Goette. 

Trail work continues to be done by the Lutheran group headed by Jim Thorne.  The areas of concentration have been the Whittington area, Girl Scout camp and Eagles Nest Lake.  All agreed this program has been a true reward to everyone involved. A meritorious citation has been received for our work.  Larry Peckham informed the trekkers that certain trail heads would be closed due to construction in the next weeks.  Check the Website.

Hats and Shirts are being reordered.  If you want one, contact Cheryl Mason.  The August 23rdsocial will be held at the home of Bruce & June Rau.  Carpooling is mandatory.  With few exceptions there will be no direct car access to the house.

Trekker Historian, Sue Parry, encouraged everyone to send any Trekker related documents or pictures to her for inclusion in her Trekkers scrape book project.

New members were recognized: 

Deral and Carolyn Knight, Lysa and Leland Hopson, Judy and Cameron McMillan, Dan Clayton and Claire Foote, Bill and Linda Hughes, Brett and Becky Hall, Bob and Anita Glickert.

The meeting closed with Jim Thorne introducing the guest speaker, Matt Borger, Assistant Dam Master for Eagle Nest Dam.

Respectfully submitted,

Teri Collier, Secretary


The Trekkers meeting was held Tuesday, May 29, 2012 , at the Elliott Barker Girl Scout Camp in Angel Fire.  Larry Peckham, President, called the meeting to order after the group enjoyed a potluck dinner.  

Larry gave a little background on the Girl Scout Camp, mentioning that Michael Dean is the head ranger but unable to attend the meeting due to prior commitments.  The area consists of 500- plus acres located between the National Forest and Angel Fire, and the Girl Scouts are beginning to use the facilities again.  Renovation plans are underway.  The camp was named for Elliott Barker, who was a wildlife conservationist and played an important role in setting up hiking trails in New Mexico .  This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 1, 2 & 3), the Girl Scout officials will be cleaning the camp in preparation for the first scouts of the season who will arrive next week.  They are looking for volunteers to help this weekend.  There is a hike scheduled for Wednesday, May 30th, at the Girl Scout Camp.  

Kathie Westlund gave the Treasurer’s report saying that as of now, there is no budget.  There is $4,980 in reserve.  Most expenses are related to Trail Maintenance.  

Larry welcomed two new couples attending the meeting.  They were Davis and Peggy Scharff, and Peggy and Dan Carnet.  

The distribution of rosters was brought up, and Larry explained how some members did not want their information made public.  It was suggested that just a listing of members be sent to all Trekkers.  Larry agreed to send the list of names (but not phone numbers or e-mail addresses) to all current members.  

Larry mentioned that there were copies available of Kathy Kalen’s hiking book for $8.00 for Trekkers.  

Outgoing Summer Hiking Chairman, Jim Thorne, talked about the Lutheran kids arriving in Angel Fire this summer from Kansas , Texas , and Albuquerque , and the schedule for them, including trail maintenance.  They will also work at the Visitor Center in Angel Fire, Eagle Nest State Park , and Whittington Center near Raton.  Jim reiterated that the largest portion of the Trekkers’ budget goes for trail maintenance and that signage is a big part of that. New signs need to be set up for Elliott Barker Trail.  New signs have been erected on Sawmill, Maverick and Black Jack Trails .  He mentioned that Bill Chapman and Glenn Wiederstein are certified chain saw operators.  (It was later clarified that Glenn is not certified).   

Jim stated that on June 5, there will be a program in Cimarron that will coincide with the event of the planet Venus passing in front of the sun.   

Jim also talked about the spending of Trekker funds on the Girl Scout campgrounds and Whittington.  Because Trekkers cannot always count on hiking in the National Forest, the Girl Scout campgrounds, Whittington and Philmont Scout Ranch have welcomed us to use their facilities.  

Jim Mulligan asked about the lawsuit against Philmont Scout Ranch.  Jim explained that the dispute concerns the ownership of the summit at Baldy Mountain .  

Larry reminded everyone that if they were interested in doing maintenance on the National Forest trails, they needed to sign forms, which were available tonight, and to contact Roger Goette, Glenn Wiederstein, Jim Thorne or him if they wanted to sign up to help.  Karen Chapman interjected that women could help as well.  

On June 16, Bill Chapman will be doing maintenance on Trail 121, and if anyone has little saws, shears, etc., please bring them along.  The Trekkers’ storage unit does have most of the necessary equipment.  

Larry went over the upcoming hiking schedule and reminded everyone that the hiking calendar changes weekly, so please keep up to date by checking the website.  Most hikes are done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  There are open dates in June for people to sign up to lead hikes.  

The sign-up sheet for hosting socials was also available for people to volunteer for.  

A question was raised as to whether or not any individual could hike on the Girl Scout campgrounds.  The answer was that it needs to be a group with a leader and arranged ahead of time through Trekkers.  

Larry asked again if anyone would volunteer to be Secretary.  Teri Collier said she would.  

The new slate of officers was reviewed and voted into office.  They are as follows:

Roger Goette – President

Janet Alton – Vice President

Teri Collier -- Secretary

Kathie Westlund – Treasurer  

Committee Head for Summer Hiking – Larry Peckham

Committee Head for Winter Hiking – Carolyn Smith

Social Chairman – Joan Douglass

Trail Maintenance – Glenn Wiederstein  

It was noted that Terry Maxwell is President-Elect for the 2013 - 2014 fiscal year and  Gordon Cox is the Vice President-Elect.  

Larry then introduced Roger Goette as the new President.  Roger thanked Larry and Traci Peckham for the professional website and calendar that they have been in charge of.  Traci will again be the Website Administrator.  Roger encouraged members to come hike.  

Larry adjourned the meeting.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Marcia Wiederstein,  Secretary