Moreno Valley Trekkers


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Moreno Valley Trekker Hiker Guidelines

The Moreno Valley Trekkers grade all outings so that members will have an 
idea of what to expect.  Pay close attention to the DIFFICULTY RATINGS and 
other information published on the Calendar and Hike Descriptions.  Outings 
are day trips unless otherwise noted.  Try a Class 1 hike first unless you 
regularly participate in strenuous aerobic exercise.  Hiking up and down 
mountains is not the same as walking on the street and you can not catch a 
ride when you tire!  

All Trekkers outings will be conducted in a "conservative spirit" so that reserves 
are available for emergencies.  Sound principles of safe hiking must be 
practiced by both the hike leader and all participants.  The minimum 
recommended group size is four persons so that in case of an accident, 
the injured party and one person can stay together while the other two go for help.  

The Hike Leader:

a. Is responsible for keeping the group together and staying within sight 
of the last person in the group or appointing a co-leader to bring 
up the rear.

b. Has the right to examine participant qualifications, clothing, 
equipment, provisions, etc. and to refuse participation.

c.  Should know if any special health conditions exist with participating 
hikers and have emergency communication procedures in place.

d. Will select the route, set and maintain the pace, may vary the route if 
necessary, and may turn back short of the objective if conditions warrant.

e. Should complete and return the Hike Report Form to hike schedule 


Class 1 - Easy:
up to 1,000 ft. Elevation gain and 1-4 miles roundtrip
Class 2 - Moderate: 1,000 to 2,000 ft. Elevation gain and 4-8 miles roundtrip
Class 3 - Difficult: more than 2,000 ft. Elevation gain and more than 8 miles


The Hike Participants:

a. Are obligated to acquaint themselves with the nature of the outing and 
to verify that it is within their ability and    experience.  They must be 
willing to accept the hike leader's direction and cooperate with 
him/her and other group members to make the outing safe and 

b. Must be physically and mentally prepared for the outing they plan to 
undertake.  Anyone who knows they may not be able to finish an 
outing with the group would do everyone a favor by not participating

c. Should by properly clothed, equipped and provisioned.  Footwear is 
important and should be broken-in.  Adequate water is critical.

d. Will "Follow the Leader", stay together and must stay within sight of 
the person behind them at all times.  Whenever anyone is separated 
from the group, the safety inherent in the group is lost.

e.  Hikers with dogs must keep their pets under control at all times including
 on-leashes when required

f.  Must not leave the group at any time without permission of the leader.

g.  Should not leave the trailhead until all group members have safely 
returned, unless given permission by the hike leader.

Trails, campsites and surroundings will be left in as good or better 
condition than found.  Minimize your impact on the environment.

a. Flowers, plants, shrubs and trees are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

b. Litter and refuse will be burned or carried out.

c. Camp fires will be completely extinguished.

d. Conduct human sanitation and washing away from water courses 
and bury human waste.

Private property will be respected at all times.

US Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and any 
other federal or state land use regulations will be followed while on public 

Feel free to call the hike leaders or club officers if you need assistance or